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Oct 13, 2011 09:46 PM

GBU Hollywood rd is awful

I just had the worst burger in my whole life. I was craving a good ole hamburger and decided to go to the tiny GBU on a corner on Hollywood rd. I ordered 2 southern swines and 2 chilli & cheese fries. The cook made the burgers first then after wrapping them up and putting them aside, he started on the fries. I wondered why he didn't make them at the same time, but hey, I don't work there... When I get home I give one to my wife and start on mine. She commented first. It tasted like a greasy piece of cardboard with sweet BBQ sauce. I could only take 3 bites before throwing it away. I turned to the Chilli & Cheese fries. They were bad as well. The fries tasted like they were fried in old smelly oil. The chilli seemed old and cheese wasn't good either ( it came out of a bottle). Man, the whole thing was awful. Overcooked hard hamburger that was poorly seasoned along with fries that were cooked in old oil and questionable chilli and cheese, never again

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  1. i think the best burgers in HK are McSorley's or Cafe Causette.

    1. I walk past this place every day and have almost gone in countless times.

      Thanks Biachowhound, you just saved me time, money and, most of all, the disappointment. Nothing worse than having a craving and then finding yourself with a dud meal.

      It's so true in Hong Kong that for every great eating establishment there are another 10 masquerading as great places. Really upsets me as doing something right often involves more thought and care than actual effort or cost.