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Oct 13, 2011 08:51 PM

Lunch at Pho Hiep & Grill, Chula Vista

This was a very hot day today in San Diego.

We picked up our mail from the UPS store and then, we were starving.

The restaurant is just a few doors down in the same shopping center .

When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a soothing, cooling wall-of-water fountain.

We ordered spring rolls and vermicelli salads; #'s 24 (Vietnamese sausage and egg roll) and #28 (Grilled shrimp and pork) from the menu.

Hubby had Iced espresso with condensed milk and I had a Tiger beer.

The check was less than $25.00.

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  1. I mentioned the grilled shrimp (over broken rice with cucumber and tomato- small bowl of unremarkable soup $6.95) here two days ago at the Pho Hiep & Grill in Linda Vista. I haven't tried their spring rolls yet, but their egg rolls are excellent. Their iced tea is the same type as other places I go but a little stronger...better. That seems like a small thing but little things like that keep me coming back and wanting to explore more of their menu.

    Next week I'll try their chicken or pork.

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    1. re: SteveRB

      They have a very well put-together website that informs you about the menus for both locations (the other restaurant is on Convoy St.) :

      BTW, I have absolutely no reference to render a judgement on authenticity, nuances, etc. about Vietnamese cuisine, but FWIW, the rice noodle vermicelli were al dente, the herbs and protein were fresh and tasty, the rice paper on the spring roll was fresh and soft.

      It was a very satisfying meal with great, flavors and solicitous service and we look forward to visiting them again.

      1. re: Gypsy Jan

        The one is Linda Vista is tucked away in the shopping center at the corner of Linda Vista Rd. and Ulric St., near the Rite Aid. About a three minute walk from Sab E Lee.