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Oct 13, 2011 06:05 PM

New Year's Eve in Yosemite

Hey all,

So, I am planning on spending New Year's Eve in Yosemite (exciting!). However, I do not want to spend $225 per person for the dinner at the Ahwahnee. Does anyone else have any ideas about where to go? I suppose I'm willing to drive out of the Valley for dinner.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. I am sure all of the standard Yosemite Valley places that are open in winter will be open NYE (the food court, pizza place, Yosemite Lodge); check prior reports on Yosemite Valley: they will be serviceable, but not celebratory. The Ahwahnee is really your only choice for somewhere with a bit of sparkle.

    Driving out of the park, your closest options will be in Mariposa. Savoury's is great there, and would probably be nice for NYE. However, I wouldn't want to make the drive on NYE (it's about an hour's drive on a two lane somewhat windy road that can be quite slick if it is cold and rainy, or cold and snowy).

    The other possibility is to head to the Wawona lodge for dinner. I think the food is only ok to good, certainly not great, but it is an old building with a fair amount of charm. However, it is also up to an hour's drive from the Valley, and the road is higher in elevation (and thus more prone to snow) than the one to Mariposa.

    Basically, you are a captive audience. My advice would be to have a drink and possibly a bar snack in the bar at the Ahwahnee early, and then hole up in your room with some really good cheese, chocolates, bread and a very nice bottle of champagne, then splurge on NY Day brunch at the Ahwahnee. At least, that is what I would do :-)