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More wonderful things to do with kimchi?

I have a new grocery near me that sells great kimchi, and last night I made this recipe for Kimchi Fried Rice from Crisis Brownies: http://crisisbrownies.blogspot.com/20.... It was super easy and delicious. Other suggestions for kimchi-as-an-ingredient recipes? Thanks in advance.

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  1. You can use it to fill dumplings. You can mix it with tofu and rice or noodles, or you can mix it with beef or pork and put it in dumplings and it's super tasty.

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        Thanks so much ipsedixit. My initial searches turned up mostly information on making kimchi - I knew someone would point me right. :-)

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          thank you, thank you, thank you!

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            And do a search for "hannaone".... a huge number of fabulous Korean recipes. The ones I have tried have all been fabulous.

        2. See also the Kimchi Chronicles now playing on CreateTV

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            I have no TV, but I just picked up the Kimchi Chronicles book - it was the only Korean cookbook at my local bookstore. I haven't tried anything from it yet.

          2. I make kimchi scrambled eggs. (recipe on my blog if you need one)

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            1. I like it with a fried egg, served over hot steamed rice. It makes a delicious breakfast.

              ...and now I'm hungry for kimchi.

              1. A bowl of hot rice, topped with kalbi and spicy kimchi is just perfection. One of those things I could just eat until either it's gone, or I explode.

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                  Thanks Gordeaux. I haven't ventured into making kalbi, but I'm feeling a little that way about kimchi alone these days. Food perfection is so great, isn't it?

                2. I use it as a topping for silken tofu.
                  I put it on grilled pork chop sandwiches.
                  I warm it up and add squid for just a minute.
                  I use the juice to make kimchi cucumbers, daikon and bean sprouts.