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Oct 13, 2011 05:00 PM

Where to stop along Rt. 100...?

We'll be doing a leisurely drive along Rt. 100 between Ludlow and Hyde Park this weekend. Are there any restaurants along the way that are recommended for either lunch or dinner? Thanks!

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  1. If you were going the other direction, I would say eat at Dot's in Wilmington. My wife and I eat there anytime we make it to southern VT.

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    1. re: Velvet Elvis

      Dot's was a casualty of hurricane Irene, as was most of the downtown of Wilmington. It will be greatly missed. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be financially feasible for the owners to rebuild. Most of the details can be found on Roadfood.

      1. re: pbanjo

        I thought that may have been a possibility after I posted. Thanks for the update. We will miss Dot's and Wilmington. It was a cool little town.

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          Please don't say "WAS" a cool little town! Sadly, Dot's probably won't come back--at least not in that location--but Wilmington is not gone! I was there over the holidays and Bartleby's Bookstore was absolutely mobbed and several galleries were open. The town has really banded together to come back. Hope to see more restaurants open soon.

    2. For lunch, I would detour off of 100 to 100A in the plymouth area and head to the Long Trail brewery in Bridgewater corners. Great burgers, sandwiches, chili, and wings.

      Doing a search for Stowe or Waterbury could help you out for dinner recs.

      1. Thanks! We're likely to be in the Woodstock area on Sunday evening. Any particular dinner recommendations there?

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          Simon Pearce is now open.

          Simon Pearce Restaurant
          1760 Quechee Main St., Quechee, VT 05059

          1. re: madisoneats

            We ended up at The Prince and the Pauper and we were not disappointed. We found the prix fixe menu to be reasonably priced and we enjoyed everything we ordered. I chose the boneless rack of lamb for my entree and my husband had the grilled Ahi tuna. They were both delicious and the service was very good.

            We didn't consider Simon Pearce because there had a Simon Pearce restaurant about two miles from where I live in southeastern PA and we weren't thrilled with the food the few times we were there. Apparently, neither were others in the area because the restaurant closed about a year ago after about 10 years in business.

          2. re: CindyJ

            Is Mangowood in the Lincoln Inn still open? Asian-fusion. I ate there a while back and it was excellent. The chef was from Singapore I believe?

          3. You should certainly check into the Downtown Grocery in Ludlow for dinner. The Rt. 100 corridor through Vermont was probably the hardest hit area through the state, especially north of Ludlow and south of Jamaica. I don't know the northern route well enough to tell you what might or mightn't be open, but do be prepared for a lot of road construction and slow going in spots. I'm not even certain that there aren't still stretches of Rt. 100 that are simply closed.