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Oct 13, 2011 02:20 PM

What should I buy at the Wegman's Grand Opening?


Wegman's Northboro is opening this weekend. I may give them a week to "get the kinks out", but what should I be OTLOF? I live about one half hour away so won't be doing my weekly shopping there, but have been caught up in the hype. Fun time of year to stock the pantry, so............. let me know what they're famous for.

  1. whatever you want pretty much..
    Over 300 types of cheese...
    700 varieties of fruits/veggies
    2500 wines
    600 beers
    Kosher deli
    Bakery is excellent
    Charcuterie counter
    Zwiegels hots are really good and not available in this area. Try the White ones..
    make your own trail mix station...
    The bulk food area is fun..

    The wegmans generic brand items are excellent and as cheap as anywhere.

    Maybe have lunch there and try one of their subs with their special dressing/homemade rolls...
    Thai Bar
    Chicken wing bar
    Indian bar
    dimsum bar
    medeteranian bar with 100+ types of olives/hummus's etc..

    Im very excited for it but will be staying away on Sunday. People will be camping out Sat night and they will most likely have shuttle buses running to remote parking... too crazy for me..

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      WOW! Pretty impressive. Ya, will not be there Sunday. :) Some weekday soon. Thanks for the list hargau! Should be a fun take-in and shopping experience.

    2. Chowette, may I'll bump into you...will also be there sometime in the first week :)

      We've shopped at the one in Pittsford NY, and I have to heartily recommend the apple fritters. They are awesome!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Take a list. Keep your purse tightly closed. Keep your hands on the cart. Don't look to left or right. Just kidding, at least the last one. The entrance will be very noisy with lots of hard surfaces reflecting conversation and cart clatter, so already you're off balance. Beware of the wiles of Wegmans.

          1. Thanks ghg, I'll try the google idea, thanks for the welcome. sr44, a dangerous trip but someone's gotta do it.... :)
            Enjoy ChinaCat! Gabatta, I'll check out the sour pickle aisle for ya!