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Oct 13, 2011 01:55 PM

Wagyu/Kobe Burgers

There is a place near me that serves wagyu burgers along with 'regular' beef. The wagyu is about 3 times the price. I am all in favor of the option to pay more for a better product, but this one has me a bit confused.

It has always been my understanding that wagyu and kobe beef were about the texture of the beef as much or more than the flavor. But if you are grinding the meat into 'hamburger', then what is the point of using such expensive beef, when a good cut of 'regular' meat already has good flavor.

Now if we were talking grass fed/finished vs. corn fed there is a big change in flavor, maybe I just haven't noticed it in the wagyu.

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  1. Yes, this has always confused me as well. I went to a considerably good Japanese restaurant once that had a Kobe beef appetizer. They were meatballs with a curry sauce! Why ruin perfectly good beef by grinding it, and then covering it with an overpowering sauce. I guess they need to do something with all the miscellaneous beef bits.

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      If it was in the US, it was not Kobe. Kobe beef must not only be raised in Kobe, Japan, it has to be slaughtered there, and NO slaughterhouse in any country has been approved by the USDA for export to the US.

    2. Wagyu is perfect for shabu shabu -- sliced thin, cooked just this side of raw, and slurped down gleefully.

      Wagyu as a big thick meat patty is like using Evian to boil eggs.