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Oct 13, 2011 11:17 AM

All-Clad at Costco

I think I've seen All-Clad being sold at Costco in the past. Does this site beat their prices?

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  1. "Does this site beat their prices?"

    No, because CHOWHOUND does not sell cookware, so CHOWHOUND cannot beat their prices.

    1. Sorry. Didn't add the URL for Cookware and More:

      These appear to be seconds...

      1. If there is All clad at Costco it is going to be the same price as else where. But if it is discontinued items they may have gotten a buy, All Clad is changing their handle so that may be what you have seem. All Clad carefully monitors the price of their cookware and if a vendor is cutting the price they will not sell to them any more. They also play some games with pricing. For instance I got an order today and a number of pieces had an inflated price on them but were sold to sell at a lower price so a vendor might say "was X" "Now Y". It is not just All Clad, there are many other companies that do that. The only way a store can lower those prices that are set by the company is to be closing the brand out or they got a special buy, but with the special buy the price is still controlled.

        1. FWIW, Costco often carries "big name" brands such as All-Clad, LeCruset, KitchenAid etc. by selling special sizes or ""bundled sets" that the manufacturer does not normally sell to other retailers. Thus, it's often a judgment call to truly compare items.

          1. I looked at this set yesterday at Yorba Linda, CA and the pots were not as thick/heavy as my All Clad induction pots!