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Oct 13, 2011 11:04 AM

North East of Toronto - Wedding Venue Feb 2012 - I Need Help!!!

I'm trying to plan a small wedding (family & few friends - about 65) to take place Feb 2012 for small $$$. Most of the attendees are from Whitby north to Lindsay area so I'm searching locally to this area - Durham Region thereabouts. I'd like the venue to be unique & have the place all to ourselves as 11 kids age 7 & under are attending. I would like to do ceremony & food all in one place. The date is a Saturday but the event will be mid-day to early evening - no big dinner/dance; just good food at reasonable prices. Any suggestions?

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  1. There are many many golf courses in that region with really affordable, all-in-one pricing! I can't point you to any specific one, since I only see the venues when I go golfing, but try google searching for these golf courses in your preferred area!

    Most places might prefer a full day booking on a Saturday (or at least evening reception), but chances are, if you book early enough, you will be willing to work with you for a mid-day early evening event!

    Good luck!

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      How about Parkwood Estate in Oshawa? Unique and wedding-friendly.

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        Thanks for the Parkwood suggestion. Seeing it today.