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Oct 13, 2011 10:25 AM

Rochester (Greece Area) Restaurant Suggestions

I saw the discussion below about downtown Rochester. I have a project in Greece and generally stay at one of the hotels off Ridge Road (Marriott, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites). there are tons of chain restaurants nearby but no one has been able to suggest something local to me. No specific cuisine. I am on govt. travel budget so try to stay under $20 for entrees. I am eating by myself so perhaps a restaurant with a nice bar i can eat at or otherwise people watch. I don't want to travel too far from hotel or on highway although I will have a car because I don't have great night vision so prefer local roads.

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    1. re: rolise

      It's a little difficult to unequivocally recommend any place on West Ridge Road. Most of the non-chain restaurants are sort of generic places which emphasize portion size over quality. Having said that, if I found myself hungry on West Ridge, there are two places I'd go to.
      Red Fedele's Brook House is an old school red sauce Italian place. The menu is not particularly imaginative (yes they have the ubiquitous Chicken French), but it's pretty good.It's a friendly place and the fare is what might best be described as comfort food. It's located right on West Ridge Road in a shopping center.

      Bernard's Grove is a little further away, but worth the trip. It doesn't look like much from the outside (or the inside for that matter), but the food is real bistro. I've been there a couple of times and have never been disappointed with the food. The service on the other hand is hit or miss.

      Bernard's Grove
      187 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14612

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        thanks. anything is better than chains. i don't even know what chicken french is btw. I am supposed to go up on the 16th so I plan to try one of these and will let you know what I think. That is if I don't cancel trip due to babysitting issues.

    2. You'll find The Distillery right in that little hotel cluster where you are staying; an easy walk, especially given a pedestrian bridge over Rte. 104. It's a small local chain - there are 3 or 4 of them in the greater Rochester area. Fine dining it is not, but it has a full menu, heavy on sandwiches, burgers, wraps, etc., but also a selection of dinner entrees. It should fit nicely within you budget, and eating at the bar is OK. Always been a friendly crowd when I've visited.

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        Thanks. I have heard of it. we will see what happens. Right now i have a babysitting issue (my dh works 4-12 and we have a 10 yo) so may not get there this month.