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Oct 13, 2011 09:21 AM

Who has the best wine list in Michigan?

The list should be a great list for value as much or more than for length or depth of selections. Great wines at good values are what, IMHO, make a great list.

I look forward to an interesting discusion. Thanks!

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  1. Three come to mind, 2 are Up North:

    Mon Jin Lau in Troy

    The Bluebird in Leland

    The Rowe Inn in Ellsworth

    I'm sure there will be others mentioned, but these are all excellant from my experiences.
    edit to add:
    How can I forget The Lark - something for everyone, and The Earle in Ann Arbor.

    Rowe Inn Restaurant
    6303 E Jordan Rd, Ellsworth, MI 49729

    Mon Jin Lau Restaurant
    1515 E Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48083

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    1. re: Markcron

      I agree with putting Mon Jin Lau & the Rowe Inn on the list. MJL has an eclectic moderately priced list that changes frequently. The Rowe is Euro-centric & a tad pricey. I'm not as familiar with the Bluebird, although I've enjoyed some wines from Vinterra, a new winery across the street.

      As for the Lark & the Earle. The Earle has seen better days-when more attenton was paid to the wines there. The Lark is very forgettable, not only overpriced, many of the wines "on the list" aren't. They're "in reserve" or some other nonsense.

      Thanks for your post, Markcron. Hey 'hounders-what do YOU think?

      Rowe Inn Restaurant
      6303 E Jordan Rd, Ellsworth, MI 49729

      Mon Jin Lau Restaurant
      1515 E Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48083

      1. re: WineCounselor

        I'd love to help, but just plain don't drink wine, really. Don't like the stuff. I'm no teetotaler, but wine's never been my thing. Give me a sweet little girlie cocktail, and *then* I can be happy with an alcoholic beverage.

        1. re: boagman

          Indeed, we're not being much help with the discussion. But, my idea of a good wine restaurant in Michigan is one which allows me to bring my own bottle, with little (or, in some cases, no) corkage fee. The particular couple places I'm thinking of are ones that don't have a liquor license so I won't name them here.

          When dining out in Michigan, I lean towards the high end artisan MI beers ($5-6) rather than trying to nail the right glass/bottle of wine $9+/$60+. Many of the wines on the lists are ones I don't recognize, and Michigan doesn't have enough wine snobs to police the restaurants here, so ripoffs abound ----yes, I do love and respect Michigan.

          If I have to toss forward a lovable wine list, I'd say Cellar 849 (Italian pizza/salads/wine) in Plymouth, but one has to be accepting of homemade wines.

        2. re: WineCounselor

          I've never been a fan of the Earle's food, but they have a decent wine list.