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Oct 13, 2011 08:57 AM

Greensboro Dim Sum Restaurant?!? Anybody been yet?

According to a co-worker (who always seems to know everything about the asian places in G'boro) Greensboro just got it's own Dim Sum place here in Greensboro, NC! Located where the Vietnamese restaurant Nhu Y was up until recently [High Point road, across the street from Saigon Bakery, same shopping center as Van Loi], supposedly it's a Dim Sum & Pho place (strange combo). He told me the name but I forgot it really quickly; there were numbers or Xs or something odd like that.

I don't think I can stop by until this weekend, so has anybody been yet? How are their dumplings? Bao? Do they ever do cart service?

Since it seems to be a sort of fusion place (Chinese Dim Sum + Vietnamese soup) I really hope they're not mediocre, which is how mixed ethnicity places tend to wind up.

If you stop by, please let me know what you think! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

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    1. i saw a grand opening sign for this last week. At the time I could not tell if it was for Van Loi or the Nhu Yi space or something totally new. I will try it this coming week and report back.

      1. I got to go, and it was good. I'll mention a few specifics about the food later, but here's the basics;
        They serve basic dim sum items and Pho, that's it. The food we had was good, and everyone was very nice. Pho wasn't the best in town, but it was decent and came with all the fixings.

        They DO do cart service, on Sunday mornings (will definitely be going asap!!) and their hours are (approximately) 9/10-10.

        My immediate reaction after eating was "Yay! Greensboro is more livable! Now all we need is an ethiopian restaurant and a Trader Joes, and I think I'd be cool staying here..."

        I am definitely excited to have the place. Very much worth a try.

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          Ethiopian and Trader Joes... I couldn't agree more! :-)

          1. re: Gravybiscuit

            On that note, did anyone notice the African restaurant that just opened up downtown? It's in the spot where Riva's used to be, and is called something along the lines of African Continental Cuisine.
            Their menu boasts African and Caribbean food, I think Nigerian was the particular locale mentioned.

            Unfortunately there hours are a bit weird, and their prices are WAY up, with their lunch & dinner prices being the same (most things between $12.99 & 19.99), so I have not eaten there yet, but I'm kind of desperate to try it.

            I've never had any African food other than Ethiopian (I make out-of-the-box Fufu to eat with stew at home some times, but that's the closest thing to it, and I'm sure it tastes nothing like it.) so I really want to try it.

              1. re: Gravybiscuit

                That's the one! But the hours listed there are definitely wrong. I think they said they don't open till 11, and on the day I stopped by (a Friday) they didn't open until noon.

        2. Does anyone know the name of this place?

          Any other reports?

          If the timing is right we are going to try to get there tomorrow morning on the way to Charlotte.

          1. I believe the name was 999 dim sum and pho, or something similar.
            Since I've been, I've heard a lot of complaints about the place from (non-chinese) Asian coworkers, one saying it was awful and the pho was greasy, but this hasn't been my experience.
            I went for Sunday morning service, and while it wasn't hopping, there were a good amount of people and everything I ate was just fine. Two trips in and I'm still glad they're here.

            Oh, they also expanded their menu a little.