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Oct 13, 2011 08:51 AM

brunch/lunch place for meet the in-laws meal in Providence?

We are getting both sets of parents together for the first time pre-wedding. We are meeting in Providence, which is roughly a halfway point between the two groups. We'll be six total, so would like somewhere we can make a reservation for lunch or brunch on a Saturday. Can't be anything too exotic due to food preferences of my parents (not so adventurous; it's amazing they raised me!), but I would rather go somewhere that is at least a little bit unique to Providence, rather than a chain. Also would like it to have a moderate noise level, as both dads are getting a little hard of hearing. Is this too much to ask?

Really wanted to try Nick's on Broadway but they estimated a 45 minute wait and that would just make an inherently awkward situation that much more so. Any ideas?!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Unfortunately, all the best brunch places in the city don't take reservations (Julian's, Nick's, Modern, Loie), but I'm pretty sure Rue de l'Espoir over on Hope St. does. Not my favorite by a mile, but it's quieter and more "parent-friendly" than the others.