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Oct 13, 2011 08:14 AM

Auburn, AL trip

Headed to Auburn with friends for a football weekend. Not too sure how good the football will be, so sure want to make sure we eat well! Any suggestions?

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  1. Here's a few places to stop and rest. Have a nice trip.

    Amsterdam Cafe @ 410 S. Gay St., Auburn, AL 334 - 826 - 8181. * SUNDAY BRUNCH *** I85/EXIT51.
    Auburn Oyster Bar and Grill @ 1100 South College St., Auburn, AL 334 - 502 - 2491.
    BBQ House @ 345 S College St., Auburn, AL 334 - 826 - 8277.
    Big Blue Bagel @ 120 North College Street, Auburn, AL 334 - 501 - 2245.
    Christoper @ 7051 Highway 49 S., Auburn, AL 256 - 825 - 3445.
    Creole and Seafood Shack @ 1288 Shug Jordan Pkwy., Auburn, AL 334 - 501 - 8887.
    Crepe Myrtle Cafe @ 1192 Donahue Drive, Auburn, AL 334 - 821 - 7929.
    Good Ole Boys Steak and Seafood @ Sandhill Rd, Auburn, AL 334 - 826 - 3900.
    Hamilton's @ 174 East Magnolia Ave., Auburn, AL 334 - 887 - 8780.
    Mama Goldberg's @ 500 West Magnolia Ave., Auburn, AL 334 - 821 - 9971.
    Mike and Ed's BBQ @ 307 North College St., Auburn, AL 334 - 501 - 1866.
    Pannie George's Kitchen @ 2328 South College St., Auburn, AL 334 - 821 - 4142.
    Toomer's Drugs @ 100 North College St., Auburn, AL 334 - 887 - 3488.

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        Skip Mama Goldberg's unless it's different than it's chain cousins (I know the Auburn one is the original). It's not really a deli. Same with Big Blue if it's like it's Birmingham cousin (opened by the same person). I like Big Blue here in Bham, but it's not destination dining by any means.

      2. I was in Auburn last weekend. We had dinner at Zazu, a "gastropub" at 149 E. Magnolia. They have a great selection of beers on tap--the 5 of us each had a different one, and we all enjoyed our beverages. The guys in our group who ordered BLTs were happy with their dinners. The foodies among us who had hoped to graze on some interesting appetizers were disappointed. The "duck fat fries" appeared to be regular frozen, highly seasoned french fries with a few Parmesan cheese shavings over them. The hummus was dreadful; coarse textured and smothered in bottled olives and tomato chunks. The Greek flatbread pizza was covered in the same toppings.

        If I went back to Auburn (which is likely), I'd look for another place to eat, and I hope if anyone out there has a place they love, they'll write back and give a few enticing details. But I will say that Zazu is an OK compromise for a group with different tastes and budgets, and if I had to go back there I'd try one of the dinner entrees. Most of my neighbours in the pub had sandwiches of some sort, but I noticed the mashed potatoes and vegetables seemed to be getting wolfed down by the few diners nearby who had ordered them.
        A couple of notes on less elaborate food: The "gourmet burgers" from the cart on the upper level of the baseball stadium are nothing special. Better to order at the main concession at the ground level, where there's a better choice of condiments.
        And we enjoyed the pulled pork sandwiches at Price's Barbecue house at 345 S College. The coleslaw was creamy, the potato salad was good, and we were sorry they were out of banana pudding.