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Oct 13, 2011 07:59 AM

The Ivy or The Palm????


I'm having a mind freeze at the moment in planning my first vacation day in LA for next month. Which one for lunch (Ivy vs. Palm) and dinner (Palm vs. Ivy)? What would you guys decide?


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  1. If you are looking for better food at a slightly lesser price, it's the Palm. If you are looking for star gazing, it's the Ivy at lunch. Many here would suggest a variety of other choices.

    1. I agree, Ivy for lunch and Palm for dinner. Please do not expect good food at the Ivy, it's heavy, cloying and inconsistant. And I can't vouch for the star gazing, I haven't seen a serious star there in years (the hey dey for this place was eons ago). The Palm is at least good, consistent Steak/Lobster House.

      1. my two cents fwiw:
        1)if you do see any stars at the Ivy at lunch, they are more likely to be the older set: the ones old enough to have adult children. dunno if this matters to you.
        to me, the food they serve is forgettable, but not awful.

        2) the huge lobsters they serve at the palm, to me, are never as tender nor as sweet as the smaller ones that i've eaten in other restaurants. if i were to go to the palm, i'd order the beef.

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          According to David Dow, former Director of the Lobster Institute in Orono, Maine, (and a lobsterman himself)...large lobsters taste as good as small ones "until you get to 5 to 7 pounds. Then the meat gets kind of stringy."

        2. Personally, I would go Ivy for either; but lunch at Ivy and dinner at Palm is not bad. I disagree about the food at Ivy. The salads, fish and chicken are very good as are the pizzas. Ivy gimlet is classic. A nice steak and martini is the way to go at the Palm. In my opinion a far more enjoyable choice for dinner is down the street at Dan Tana's.

          Dan Tana's Restaurant
          9071 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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          1. re: BSW6490

            I agree with BSW6490. The salads at the Ivy are excellent,. They also make a great steak and is one of the few restaurants I know which will serve delicious potato skins if you don't want to eat an entire baked potato. Great desserts, as well. Best hot fudge sundae around. As to the observation by westidegal about the "older set" of celebs. So what? If I saw 60 something Meryl Streep there, I would be damned excited, same with that old guy, Clint Eastwood. I didn't love the Palm the last time I was there. Agree that Dan Tana's is a more enjoyable choice

            Dan Tana's Restaurant
            9071 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

            1. re: maudies5

              for me, personally, the presence of celebs old or young don't count at all--the food is everything.
              the reason i even mentioned it, was that it seems that many of the folks that are seeking celeb sightings are those who have teens in tow whom they are trying to please.
              in my experience, most teens aren't impressed by seeing stars that were at the peak of their fame the before 1980.

              also, i know i'm in the minority here, but i'm not such a great fan of the salads at the ivy.
              the grilled vegetable salad that everyone else seems to think is really special, was, to my palate nothing-with-nothing.

              at one phase of my career, i was being taken to lunch on someone else's expense account at least three times a week. often, a marketer would select the ivy in the hopes of impressing me. i rotated around their menu several times. nothing tasted good enough to me for me to even consider spending my own money at the place after i left that job.

              1. re: westsidegal

                wow, what kind of job did you have then?

                sounds great to me.

                I could so go for company expense account lunches rights abouts now. :)

              2. re: maudies5

                actually, maudies5, i've seen your guy Clint Eastwood hanging out at Dan Tana's

                Dan Tana's Restaurant
                9071 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

                1. re: maudies5

                  I actually really like the decomposed Ice Cream Sundae at Gulfstream way better. The ice cream sundae at The Ivy just doesn't do it for me. And it's also 17 bucks here. Remember everything at the Ivy will be expensive.

                  That said, I really enjoyed their NY Steak, 8 oz, I believe brushed with their house steak sauce and sided with their great steak fries. Also, I tried their shrimp-papaya salad which was pretty fucking good.

                  I have yet to try their other dishes. But yes it is pretty darn expensive, and you probably won't see any younger celebrities or any celebrities for that matter anymore. It seemed to be more of a celebrity hangout, only for lunch and only on weekdays, starting from the late 80s to possibly the early 90s.

                  10250 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 656, Los Angeles, CA 90067

              3. another vote for the salads at The Ivy - my favorite is the grilled vegetable salad with shrimp. if heading West to the beach is an option, i personally prefer the Santa Monica location (The Ivy at the Shore), particularly for lunch - IMO the food, service and atmosphere are better than at the one on Robertson Blvd. and if it's celeb sightings you're after, i've seen everyone from Jessica Alba to the Beckhams to Jason Biggs to Reese Witherspoon there in the past year.

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                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  at the santa monica location?

                  are the prices the same at both locations????

                  1. re: kevin

                    yes, and yes.

                    and if you care, i know Megan Fox also frequents the SM location ;)