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Oct 13, 2011 07:52 AM

login keeps getting hung up

This has happened on two different PCs and an iPad in the past few days. I go to the login window, enter my username and password and wait. And wait. And wait. I see the spinny thing doing its round-and-round dance, but it never closes the window. If I close the window myself, go to another website, and come back and open another window, I'm all logged in. Haven't had this happen before.

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  1. Same thing just happened to me as well

    1. Same thing here. Must be trouble with this site. Also seems to be taking forever for a reply to go through.

        1. I've discovered that when this happens you are signed in. As soon as you see the spinning icon going around simply go back to your favorites and hit the link to your profile page and "viola!" you will find yourself signed in.

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            It also works to go to or; you'll see you're signed in and can click on your name to get to your profile page per usual.

          2. We're on it. Our apologies for the trouble.