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Easton's Charcuterie and Prepared Foods - Kensigton Market

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New spot is in the Mr. Cream space as a "pop-up" during the winter months. Read about it on Blogto and it looks interesting! The "Easton" name comes from Derek Easton, says he was at Sanagan's Meat Locker before. Anyone been yet?


Looks delicious based on the pics!

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  1. Sanagan's is awesome, both service and quality so I expect this place to be just as good. Very nice addition to the area.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

      1. His demi-glace is amazing, worth every penny, the cold cuts were cut to order and delicious. A great addition to Kensington and worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood.

        1. Stopped by today. Friendly guy (both of them are actually). I ordered some smoked duck and smoked brisket. Will report back when I get a chance to eat some.

          Quick note, it is cash only at this point.

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            Took my daughter to Kensington yesterday with the promise of ice cream. She was very disappointed. I was very happy with the bresaola at Easton's!

          2. This place is slept on, I finally got around to it. Very much feeling the headcheese, will be back to stock up. At $1.99/100g, it's a bargain.

            I'm not his boy, but this dude's shop needs to do well for my sakes. They need to stay in business after this 6 month trial. Wonderful companion to Sanagan's.

            Bring cash, lots, you'll want everything.

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                Grabbed a bunch of stuff from here before heading to a party and everyone loved everything we brought. Duck Prosciutto, Venison Salami, Mortadella, Bresaola and a couple of cheeses. Really well priced too.

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                  +3. Love this place. It's all great stuff. We devoured the mortadella and the guanciale was used to make a crazy good pasta. I want to see him do really well in that location so I'll make sure to be there as much as I can.. Definitely agree that it's a great companion to Sanagan's. He seems like a really good guy but more importantly, his products are awesome.

              2. I went out of my way to go to this place, and wasn't all that impressed. The meats were fine, but the selection was quite small and none were made in house (except for some rilettes and stock). They told me that getting the licence to produce charcuterie in house would be next to impossible, which, I guess might be true. I go to the St. Lawrence Market and have enjoyed at least some homemade deli meats, such as the real ham with prunes and apricots from the Ukrainian folks in the basement and the real roast beef from Schleffer's, so I don't get why Easton's couldn't make something of their own. My point is, for a charcuterie shop that doesn't make their own products, I was a bit disappointed in the selection, which was neither vast nor unique.

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                  In the eyes of the law, every restaurant serving charcuterie in Toronto will fail health inspection. Meat requires to be hung at temperatures above 4C (aka danger zone) for aging. The city of Toronto just ain't down with that.

                  Then how do you explain all these restaurants serving charcuterie? They're just doing a good job hiding the stuff when a health inspector arrives. Show them another section first while a cook moves all the charcuterie that's hanging into the regular fridge.

                  Now Easton's, since they're just a charcuterie shop, they can't hide behind other food like a restaurant can. That's why they can't do it in house. Also their space is pretty much non existent, hard to fit a rigged up curing fridge back there.

                  I personally found the quality of some items to be exceptional. They had 15-20 items available when i was in there, a good variety imo. Looking forward to assembling a holiday platter.

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                    I'm with you. I'm happy Easton's is there so that I don't have to shlep to SLM to get the good stuff.