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Oct 13, 2011 06:13 AM

Coffee shops that stock rice or almond milk?

In town for convention with fairly newly discovered food allergies to dairy and soy. I know Starbucks does not carry any alternatives for my latte, but perhaps some of the smaller coffee shops do? Will be in the loop, McCormick Place and Naperville. Iced coffees will have to suffice otherwise.

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  1. Any chance you could buy some at a grocery to use while you're here? Rice milk and almond milk are both widely available at health food stores, Whole Foods, etc.

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      I was hoping I could just order such an almond milk latte somewhere.

      1. re: ethereal

        In case this post is ever of benefit any future users, while not a latte, the Protein Bar on Washington does a hot coffee and almond milk beverage.

    2. Bummer- I've got the same darn problem, and they're in everything! Sounds like it's out of your way, but Ipsento Coffee on Western just north of Armitage in Bucktown stocks almond milk. In fact, their signature drink is delicious with Almond milk. It's cayenne, honey, almond milk, espresso, and it's amazing. Their Nutella Mocha is also to die for. If it's not on your typical trek, I'd recommend making it out there some Saturday morning! They of course do the typical lattes and such, all with Almond milk option.

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        Thanks! Also, our Ipsento Latte has coconut milk in it. You can order anything on our menu made with soy, or almond milk. We charge 50 cents extra per drink, because it costs twice as much, but we're more than happy to do it.

        1. re: JMilesTaylor

          Right- I always forget the coconut, which really makes the drink! Thanks for providing so many options to those of us with allergies/sensitivities- my boyfriend and I are loyal fans.