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Oct 13, 2011 04:07 AM

Which Paris Chowhound favorites would you recommend as easy to use by 2 foodies w/2month baby?

My question is a pretty straightforward one, it would be great if you can help me out:

Which of your favourite Chowhound restaurants in Paris have tables/layouts that leave sufficient space so you could comfortably park a baby stroller at the table (without annoying owners or other guests) AND are not so noisy/lively that a small baby is likely to get too irritated? We are most interested in lunch options, but dinner would also be interesting.

From all your excellent reviews I can easily come up with long lists of places that my wife and I would like to try over the next months (we live in Fontainebleau until Spring), but the trouble is there is rarely any information posted about the very real problem that many restaurants will NOT have enough space for a large baby carriage, nor is it always easy to conclude whether a "lively" restaurant may actually be no problem at all even for a baby, because the noise is more "ambient" than "frenzy"...

Can you help? I know similar questions have come up on the board a while ago, but things change. This is precisely the knowledge only those who have actually eaten at a place have, so I am guessing Chowhound is the perfect place for recommendations! Thank you!

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  1. Wouldn't a noisier restaurant be more suitable, so that other diners would not mind if your baby cries?
    And how have the restuarants which you inquired about in your previous worked out? I vaguely remember one about La Terrass and one about Le Cinq. It would be great if you could share your review of the experience. Thanks.

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      Parigi, good point, yes and no! So far we have always managed to keep our baby very quiet while in restaurants (by feeding her immediately before going out), so my question is based on the (optimistic!) assumption of a sleeping baby.

      You have an amazing memory! My apologies if I should have posted reviews and did not, I always read others reviews and feel humbled in how well they manage to capture what the restaurant is about!

      I cannot comment on La Terrasse unfortunately, or I can only comment on why we did not go. The do offer a brunch on Sunday that we were interested in because of the beautiful and rare outdoor setting, but prices were close to EUR 100 per head and the way it was described by the guy over the phone seemed aimed at people with expense accounts more than for foodies.

      Le Cinq was fabulous and I can see why it is one of the favourite restaurants of people here on the board. I do not think I can write a review that is REMOTELY as well written as some of the very recent reviews of Le Cinq that are here on the board, so I will simply say that I would include Le Cinq among my top 10 restaurant experiences ever. I would not include it in the same list if it is value for money, but that is more a Paris issue than a Le Cinq issue.

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        A word of wisdom to all who ask for recommendations: Parigi has a mind like a steel trap. Report or repent. ;)