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Oct 12, 2011 09:59 PM

Recipes Using Salmon Roe?

My uncle brought over about 20 huge, silver salmon this morning. Though thankful for this unexpected bounty, we've been giving them away to anyone and everyone. The 5 that we butchered for ourselves yielded about 10 cups of beautiful, red salmon roe. Not sure what I can do with the stuff besides garnishing some sushi. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Please help!

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  1. Well, after you cure it, I would add it to things like pasta, rice (esp. fried rice), and even pizza.

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      Yes, I just looked up the info on how to cure it...Even pizza? Sounds interesting. Does it have a very fishy taste or is it similar to other types of fish roe like mentaiko or tobiko?

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        When curing you can mix it up a bit for slightly different flavor profiles. Try adding complementary flavored vodkas such as citrus, pepper or even cucumber.

        Also great as an hors d'oeuvre on top of taromasalata on crackers or thin slices of bread.

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          Similar to tobiko or even mentaiko, but milder in taste, but that may depend on how you brine or cure it.

          As to pizza ... think anchovies. If you like anchovies on your pies, then salmon roe will suit you just fine.

      2. So I just finished curing it and tried it with some toast points and sour cream. It was just so...meh. Will this taste better in pasta? I'm hoping for a mentaiko udon flavor...

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          I wonder if the roe is salted enough. I can't imagine ikura being referred to as meh. I like it best with plain hot Japanese (short-grain) rice or you can make a little hand roll with seaweed for a different twist.

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            You're on the right track with toast points and sour cream. I love salmon roe with fresh cream cheese and sesame crackers. But... it ought to be salty-ish. Not blah.

          2. Recently had pasta with Sea Urchin. Right after plating and before serving, a nice amount of Roe was put on top of this dish.....YUM!