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Oct 12, 2011 07:02 PM

Help finding a chef who would like to cook for 8 people for 8 dinners next June in Carmel Valley

Looking for help finding a chef who would like to cook for 8 people for 8 dinners next June in Carmel Valley. Our group has bicycled, eaten good food and drunk red wine all over France the last 5 years. We stay at gites (rural house) and are very informal. Interesting food and good wines (beers, too) are as important as the bike riding. This year I want to try the same, but stay in the Carmel Valley. Last year we only went out for dinner one night, the rest of the evenings we survived on wonderful food bought at the markets. As well as some wine discoveries that were killer. This year we want to try it with a chef for 8 of our dinners. Some of us would like to “help” prepare the meal. Three of us have reasonable kitchen skills. I’m pretty good at assigning tasks and keeping order, so the chef won’t have to “baby sit” our group

So any recommendations of how to look for a chef for 8 dinners in June?

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  1. I'd check for a local caterer maybe by talking with the pourers at the tasting rooms. Should that fail, you might check with two good restaurants in the area. Perhaps, your dinner would match the day their restaurant is closed. They might be interested in picking up a few extra $$s.

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      Thank you for the response, I'll follow up and then let you know what I was able to set up.

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        I just remembered this place. I know nothing about his catering, only that they are located in Carmel Valley. They have a restaurant and also do catering.

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          Gail--are there local caterers with regularly scheduled cooking classes? They may have an associate who would be available. Hopefully with booking far enough in advance, 8 nights running won't be a problem. In our area of the central coast, things are so slow party-wise, caterers and out-of-work chefs are available.

          This company has an extensive network of local sources for organic meats, seafood, produce and wines. Catering in the area since the 70's.

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      1. You should contact Michael Jones of A Moveable Feast and Cachagua General Store.

        Cachagua General Store
        18840 Cachagua Rd, Carmel Valley, CA

        A Moveable Feast
        53 E Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley, CA