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Oct 12, 2011 05:36 PM

NC State Fair 2011 (Raleigh)

Thurs. 10/13 is the preview day, opening at 3 p.m. Admission will be discounted - same as advanced ticket purchase.

The N & O Fair Blog mentions a few new foods this year (the term food is debatable :-D) -
*Lemon stick - basically a peppermint stick in a lemon
*Deep-fried Kool-Aid - described as a hush puppy with sweet cherry flavored filling sprinkled with kool-aid
*Deep-fried bubblegum - kind of a fried batter with marshmallow and chick-lets

Let's post our fair eating news here.

Let the eating begin!

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  1. Sadly, the "new" food offerings seem quite unremarkable. As usual, I'm looking forward to the cider and kettle corn, both sold in the Village of Yesteryear. Those are by far my favorites.

    There will be at least one breakfast at the Fair. My problem is that I can never remember which church stand has the food items I like. One has better biscuits, another has link sausage. Yet another has non-watery grits and another has real milk, as opposed to powdered creamer, for the coffee. Ah, but which one is which? Something to ponder while watching the pig races.

    1. Where!!!

      Yes, I can find it on the net. But I am really lazy. Ask my ex. I have never been to a state fair in 56 years and will be close to NC tomorrow.

      What is a must see. If possible, NC will bust my cherry.

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      1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

        It is in Raleigh, not far from I-40. Raleigh is about an hour from I-95.

      2. In the first industry building is cotton candy made out of maple syrup...mmm...

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        1. re: tryityoulllikeit

          Take it from me, former Vermonter, and skip the maple cotton candy and head for the Honey cotton candy in the next building. Sublime!

          1. re: aeron75

            You know, I saw that right after getting the maple. There were quite a few folks lined up. I was going to try a sample but didn't...ah well, next time. Thanks for the tip!

        2. I was just about to revive the fair thread from last year!

          I'll be there Saturday and Sunday, and will try to pace myself this year. There are a few traditions - a ham biscuit for breakfast, a polish sausage for lunch, NCSU ice cream somewhere in the middle. I had a disappointing cinnamon roll last year, so I leaning towards mini donuts instead this time around.

          For 'hounds who work near the fair grounds, they are offering a special lunch entry pass on weekdays this year. Enter through gate 12 after 11:30am, instead of regular admission buy a lunch card for $8, enjoy lunchtime at the fair, exit through gate 12 by 1:30pm and return your lunch card for an $8 refund.

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          1. re: mpjmph

            Wow, that's crazy...and good to know!

          2. There's a food vendor in front of the ag building (where they house all the prize winning produce and livestock) that serves hand-dipped corn dogs. Only one that does this as far as I know. It's always my first stop.

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            1. re: Leadmine

              There is also one across from the Kerr Scott Building

              1. re: chazzer

                Thank you for that tip b/c our preferred vendor changed their batter this year. Almost like the dog was surrounded by fried dough. Some might like that but we prefer a batter with more corn meal. The other by the Kerr Scott was better. Although I noticed a visible increase in the amount of vendors that hand dip corn dogs now, or at least that advertise it.

                Found myself reminiscing over when the price of a turkey leg was $6 and then $7. Now they're $8 or $8.50 (McBride's - why in the world would you want your employees dealing with that many quarters?). I suspect they'll be $10 if not next year then by 2013.