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Oct 12, 2011 04:58 PM

Sunrise Soya Foods - Tofu deserts

I'm having a hard time looking for a recipie for this type of tofu/desert. For the people who never had it, it's a great refreshing desert. Lightly flavored sweet tofu. However I wanna know how to make these on my own, have my own flavors, mix my own combinations that kinda thing. If anyone knows a recipe or one that's similar to it. please do post here =) I appreciate your contribution to this topic =)

Oh and even if there's an answer. I'd still like some more recipes. I'm the type of person who combines many different ones to make my own. Sometimes following 1 recipe word for word doesn't give an amazing result.

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  1. I know this just got moved to the HC board.. but where inTO have you been able to find the dessert flavours? have you seen the maple or creme caramel?

    1. i just looked up the product & ingredients, and it's simply tofu, sugar and "natural flavor." i don't know how firm they are since i've never had them, but since the description says custard-like, i assume the company uses soft all you need is some tofu, a blender, your favorite flavorings/extracts, and sugar to sweeten it to your liking. you could even try using honey or maple syrup with slightly firmer tofu.

      and if you Google "tofu pudding" and "tofu mousse" you'll find tons of recipes.

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        The tofu desserts have the consistency of, well, tofu (or flan). They're not like pudding or mousse. I'm guessing that if you know how to make tofu, then it's just a matter of figuring out when to add the flavouring.

      2. I've never had these either but look at this recipe for purin which sounds like what you're describing:

        1. I know this as dou-hua (豆花). I looked it up, and it sounds like you basically need to make your own tofu from soy milk or soy beans, adding sugar and flavour as part of the process, rather than making it from pre-packaged soft tofu.

          If you google search dou hua recipe, you'll find detailed instructions.

          1. Not sure if this will work for you, but I made a kind of raspberry pudding for desert recently with regular organic silken tofu & it was delicious. Instead of chocolate shavings I used thin homemade chocolate wafers for garnish.

            Raspberry Mousse - the recipe is from the Whole Foods website of all places, but easy to adapt. Here's the link: