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Oct 12, 2011 04:39 PM

Poultry Question...

Hi All,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are not suffering from turkey fatigue like our family is! Hence the question that follows...

Can anyone recommend a butcher in the GTA (preferably out Oakville/Burlington way) that sells whole capon or large chicken breast, without the legs, wings or back? What I am wanting is sort of like a turkey breast that you can place on stufing in a roast pan and cook in the oven; but chicken instead.

We are tired of turkey, don't like dark meat and do not want to waste meat by cooking a whole chicken/capon. Any help would be much appreciated!


Madamemeowmeow =^^=

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  1. Don't know if there is one close to you, but we used to get very big chicken breasts at Highland Farms in Scarborough. Also not near you, but if you are out in the east end you could always buy in bulk and freeze -- Kostas at Ellesmere and Warden. They sell deboned double breasts that are very large. One breast easily feeds three in our household.

    Highland Farms
    850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

    1. Try Starsky on Dundas near Winston Churchill. They have large chicken breasts. I do not know where one can find capon in the western GTA and would be interested in finding out.

      2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

      1. Maple Lodge Farms has/had a outlet store in Brampton (Winston Churchill). I used to go there periodically when I worked close by in the area. Give them a call to see if they have what you're looking for.

        MAPLE LODGE FARMS FACTORY OUTLET STORE - Brampton, Ontario, CanadaChicken, Chicken Products, 8301 Winston Churchill Boulevard, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 0A2 (HWY 401, North on Winston Churchill) (905) 455-8340 Outlet Hours: Mon-Thurs: 9am to 8pm, Fri: 9am to 9pm, Sat: 8am to 6pm, Sun: 9am to 5pm, Holidays: 10am to 5pm. Zabiha Halal Products Available.