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Oct 12, 2011 02:07 PM

Back Road BBQ Flemington NJ

Finally got a chance to give this place a try on Saturday...and it was truly excellent. It is family owned by a local family that has lived in the area all their lives, and everything is cooked fresh. We had a side order of very good, with just a bit of heat...half rack of ribs (which were the best I have had outside Wiley's in Manhatten), crispy fries, delicious morsels of fried okra, and wonderful brisket. The mac & cheese is also is Grandpa Daly's cheesecake. They also make their own BBQ sauces..which are wonderful.

The staff (all family) is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and excellent at their jobs. The newly renovated interior is very homey and cozy, with a very casual setting.

If you are not a local, don't be fooled by the exterior, which is deceiving. This used to be Etzel's that was a fixture in the township for countless years, and it reflects the country charm. The prices are very reasonable..and the portions are quite large. They have amazing $5.00 lunch deals. IMO their only potential problem may be parking, as this place is bound to do extremely well as word gets out.
It is the rib place that Hunterdon County needed. Take out is available as well. This place is a keeper!

There was a great write up on Here is a link:

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  1. Many thanks for the review. This place has been on my go-to list for a month or so.

    FYI, there was a previous thread about it:

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      Oh yeah, that was mine! :-) They catered our summer party too. Reasonable prices and they included all the sauces. Our guests loved it!

    2. We ate lunch at Back Road yesterday and the food was excellent. Split the combo platter and all the meat was delicious. The platter had pulled pork, brisket, ribs and chicken wings. Additionally, enyoyed the hush puppies, mac and cheese and the onion straws. We will definitely return and we highly recommend this restaurant. Prices are extremely reasonable.

      1. We had lunch there this weekend and really enjoyed it. Had the BBQ beef brisket & the pulled pork sandwiches - both were delicious. And my son got a kick out of having so many choices of BBQ sauce. The cajun onion strings were very good too - if a tad greasy. And we really liked the dipping sauce that came with them. The staff is very friendly and enthusiastic as well. We really needed a place like this in the area & I am looking forward to going back and trying the ribs next.

        1. I finally went here - I tried last year but they were closed for vacation. The outside of this place looks a little sketchy, but I was impressed by the inside. It was clean, comfortable, and a lot roomier than it looked like from the street. It was nicely decorated in rib joint chic, with old time country music playing. Anyhow, I was really happy with the food - I had a combo that had wings, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, corn on the cob, and delicious mac and cheese for about $17. The ribs come dry rubbed, and they provide a selection of sauces. There was also something included called hush puppies, which were delicious and no doubt are very bad for you. I left full and content, and that is what a rib joint is all about.