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Oct 12, 2011 01:36 PM

Dine Out Ft. Lauderdale

Has anyone been yet? Besides Johnny V's and Market 17, what looks good to you?

Johnny V
625 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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  1. Was at Cafe Maxx this past Sunday. Place was packed with people ordering off their dine out menu. I wasn't so thrilled with the choices so didn't order off it; however, one in our party did, and enjoyed her selections quite a bit. The portions on their dine out menu are substantially smaller; but their menu consists of four courses, so the smaller portions were just fine with the extra course. Some others at our table ordered some of the things that were on the dine out menu off the regular menu so we were able to see the differences in portion size. The food here has continued to be very good, so I would recommend their dine out menu as good value.

    1. To me, the only options that look enticing are Johnny V and Cafe Maxx. The rest just do not seem like good value or do not have good menu options. Market 17 is probably my favorite local restaurant, but you can already order half portions of all their entrees, so I would rather order what I like from the main menu.

      Johnny V
      625 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

      1. I went to Jonny V's last week. Demerits because we had to ask for the Dine Out menu.

        I had:

        Key West Style Conch Chowder - Good and slightly spicy
        Wild Mushroom Pancake "Short Stack" - Excellent. Best part of the meal.
        Sage Grilled Florida Dolphin - the dolphin was good. The rock shrimp plantains were better.
        Bread Pudding Flan - eh. Good but nothing special.

        Has anyone been to Dapur? Their Dine Out menu looks interesting.


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        1. re: ldkelley

          HUGE DEMERITS when you have to ask for the Dine Out menu.

          1. re: danb73

            Agreed. Most places (and I include Miami Spice locations as well) tend to kind of hide the menu in somewhere in their main one without mentioning its existence. I always then have the feeling they are looking over my shoulder to see if I look at/for it.

            1. re: mrmagee

              I honestly don't get it. If they don't want to participate, why do they do it? It doesn't make sense to me. If you're in, you're in. If you want to be out, stay out!!! I was hoping that the Broward restaurants would follow the lead of this year's Miami Spice restaurants and raise the bar. Too bad they're not .

              1. re: pilches

                I had a similar experience at the Capital Grille when I was also not offered the dine out menu. In addition, steak portions were so small that the quality was really compromised (overcooked and not juicy). I left a detailed review on Open Table, though, and was contacted directly by the restaurant. I told them what Pilches said above: if you can't offer the dine out menu graciously, why participate at all? If this had been my first time dining at The Capital Grille, I'd never be back. I agree that the Miami Spice participants seemed to have taken it up a notch this year. Ft Laud dine out has never been as good, but this year I think it's even worse.

                Capital Grille
                444 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131

                1. re: tlubow

                  Agreed, worse than ever. Driving down Las Olas, it also makes my wonder why so many restaurants who are either new or do not appear to be doing well (or both) don't try and take advantage of this event to enhance their visibility and attract new customers who, if they have a good experience, would likely return for a full priced meal.

                2. re: pilches

                  Because a lot of people decide that they are going to do a Miami Spice or Dine Out dinner and go to the webpage/restaurant list to review options. If you aren't on the list you are automatically eliminated from the selection process.... they need to be on list whether heart is into it or not. Most are taking Spice very serious these days and offering much better options/value than years past. Most of the heavyweights are participating too now

              2. re: danb73

                Was at Johnny V tonight...Not only did we have to ask for the Dine Out menu, but I got a lecture from the hostess for not letting them know we wanted the menu in advance when we booked on Open Table! Food was not great...I agree with Lisa that the wild mushroom short stack was the best part of the meal. I also enjoyed the smokey tomato soup. My husband's dolphin was over cooked. My yellow tail was good, but a bit sweet for my taste. The creme brule was loose. It seems to me that if a restaurant is going to participate in "Dine Out" it should be to make friends...This was hardly our first time at the restaurant, but tonight left a bad taste in our mouths and I don't think we'll return for a while.

                Johnny V
                625 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

                1. re: gblcsw

                  "Not only did we have to ask for the Dine Out menu, but I got a lecture from the hostess for not letting them know we wanted the menu in advance when we booked on Open Table!"

                  I would have gone off the deep end if this happend to me.....

                  1. re: danb73

                    Yes, I must agree. I would have given up my reservation and taken my business elsewhere.

                    1. re: LiveRock

                      Went to Johnny V last night. Like the above, we had to ask for the Dine Out Menu. Sadly, the menu selection was the best thing about this dining experience. The server was at best brusque. We both started with the tomato soup, which was nice and smokey. I am not sure how they could botch it, but mixed green salad I had was not good, boring and the greens did not taste fresh. My wife did enjoy the mushroom pancakes. She also enjoyed her yellowtail entree, and while my hanger steak was fine, that was all it was. Highlight of the meal, actually, was the sorbet dessert - some really delicious and creative flavors, but the chocolate cake was meh, and i only had a couple of bites.

                      Now we live a short stroll from Johhny V and are constantly lamenting the lack of decent dining options on Las Olas. We had been before, but not for several years. We were enticed by the Dine Out menu, and left disappointed and with no desire to go back any time soon.

                      The most pleasing part was actually when we were leaving - my wife reluctantly let the couple who had just been seated on the table next to us know there was a Dine Out menu (which they were surprised about). Now we were not sure if they actually would have wanted a 'discount' menu, but as we drove back past, we saw that they were looking at it, which brought a smile to our faces. Pay it forward:)

                      Johnny V
                      625 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

            2. Went to Cafe Maxx last night and we all had the Dine Out menu. Overall I thought the choices were quite good. I had the pot stickers followed by the goat cheese salad, then the pork chop and finally bread pudding. No complaints, all really good. Ran up a good sized bar bill too between the four of us. But it really burned me that we had to ask for the menu. I don't think I've ever had to ask for Miami Spice menus. What is it with these places?

              1. I thought the Cafe Maxx menu looked great but my party of 5 was severely disappointed. We had to ask for the Dine Out menu. They did not have the wine that I had selected when reviewing the list over the internet so I didn't order any. My shrimp and grits were cold and the corn salsa served with it was bland and not a good complement to the shrimp. The penne carbonara was dry, bland and the sauce was separated. My filet was excellent, cooked to perfection and the blue cheese butter on top was delicious. However, the au gratin and vegetables that came with it were covered in char, completely burnt. My dad's shrimp scampi was inedible. The desserts were your run of the mill, could buy them in Costco fare. I would definitely not go back especially with the prices they charge.