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Oct 12, 2011 12:38 PM

EcollegeyOrganic delivery - new, anyone tried it?

New store popped up in Le Plateau - Ecollegey / - has anyone tried this? It looks like theyve been around in NDG for awhile but are now expanding to deliver groceries to the whole island? I have to say, I checked out their website and this is, for me, something I've been waiting a looong time for in Montreal. Proper grocery delivery, and of organic/fair trade etc. products. I will place an order with these people very soon and report back here. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them...

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  1. Where do they get their beef from? Valens?
    What about their pork?

    1. Unfortunately, except for the delivery, it really looks like they offer the same things than Rachelle Bery and Tau.

      Wow... at this time of the year... red/orange/yellow peppers from Israel... and cooked beets from France... seriously?

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        Yes, i love the website and overall idea but I could not get over the fact that some stuff comes from VERY far away for produce we can get around here at this time of year. Maybe not organic stuff but still, would prefer more local stuff.

      2. Ecollegey sounds like a disease. Is it an actual word?

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        1. re: chickenbruiser

          It is when you spell it ecology (which is how I would pronouce Ecollegey)

          edited to add - I am guessing they are spelling it like that to get around the language laws?

          1. re: unlaced

            If I am not mistaken they got their start over 20 years ago with college students selling biodegradable garbage bags door to door. Hence the "college" in Ecollegey.

            1. re: eat2much

              Cool, thanks for the information!

        2. We stopped by their new shop near Parc Lafontaine after a day of playing in the park. My kids are already addicted to their organic milk in glass bottles from Harmony. Does Rachelle/Bery or Tau carry this brand? I see on their site there's a chocolate milk too, oh boy. We also got some nice fresh lettuce and tasted their cantaloupes. I seem to recall having ordered meat delivered from them in the past, good to know they are close by now.

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          1. re: Plateaumaman

            Thanks for posting. I passed by during the summer when it still had an 'opening soon' sign. I think the Ecollegey in NDG has been around for awhie. If you have purchased "Le guide de conscience verte" there is a coupon inside for some free stuff at Ecollegey--can't remember what. That guide, by the way, had coupons for many organic food stores/health food stores that I hadn't heard of. So it was useful. For Ecollegey, I believe delivery is free for purchases over a certain amount. I've posted elsewhere here because I've only just discovered it but I'm also very impressed with Les 3 piliers on Resther/Gilford near metro Laurier. The meat is all local (with the exception of their wild salmon, etc). Labelling and certification is very clear on packets. I find the prices of their organic produce more reasonable than stores on Mont-Royal. Rachel-Berry carries way more vitamins, skin products, etc but for a smaller store les 3 piliers has a very good organic meat/poultry section.

            1. re: deborahm

              Finally checked out Ecollegey on Duluth and Parc Lafontaine! Very good service, super friendly, and some dairy products that I haven't found elsewhere like Harmony Organic milk. A very good addition to the neighbourhood. Didn't ask about delivery but I will next time.

              1. re: deborahm

                Thanks, DeborahM. I haven`t managed to drag my lazy ass there yet but I still intend to. The fact that they have interesting/unique dairy products makes it more likely this will be sooner rather than later. :)

          2. I've been getting my groceries delivered from ecollegey's NDG location for over a year now. I personally love it. Yes, some items can be procured for slightly less at Marché Bleuet et al but initial kinks aside, the customer service is top-notch (can't vouch for Plateau outlet). As are the selection of products, imho.

            I would just advise anyone ordering delivery to take advantage of the comments section online to instruct staff to substitute items in case they're out of stock. A couple of times I was left in the lurch for dinner provisions when an important ingredient didn't arrive at my door. Now I know better (typical comment: "If you're out of super-smooth tofu please send a block of tofu instead." etc.).

            As someone who lives in an area (the Point) without a lot of decent food options, ecollegey has been a godsend.

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            1. re: didierseth

              I buy my Filsinger's sweet apple cider from Ecollegey in NDG.

              1. re: OliverB

                I have been away for a looong time and notice that Ecollegey in the Plateau is closed. Am I dreaming about this?

                1. re: deborahm

                  It's closed. They still deliver to the Plateau, tho, from their NDG (I think?) location. Customer service is very, very good. They communicate like crazy and are more than happy to do special orders etc. My only complaint is that there's often not a lot of info on their website in terms of sourcing, especially for their meat. I need to call and ask about their pork, beef and chicken.