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Where to eat in Bangor / Orono, Maine?

I need a good restaurant for dinner in the Bangor/Orono/Old Town, Maine area. Can anyone offer a recommendation? Full bar and good wine list preferred! Thanks for the help!

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  1. Fiddlehead, Bangor...quality and value fine dining in a casual, friendly atmosphere.


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    1. Massimo's, next door to Fiddlehead is also very good. Ate there twice this summer, happy both times.


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          after trying to google Zilch restaurant, I figured out what you meant...

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            Did you search for Zilch in Orano or Orono?

        2. Fiddlehead and Massimo's, ditto. For something more lowkey, with a small menu but an amazing bar, try Nocturnem Drafthaus. Zen is pretty good, nice bar, Asian fusion type place.
          Woodman's in Orono has a great bar and OK food. Other than that there's nothing really great in Orono or Old Town.

          1. If you have time in the morning, The Friar's Bake House is a very, very special place. My favorite Whoopie Pies.


            1. Fiddleheads and Mossimo's are excellent. For very good Japanese fare try Yoshi's across the river in Brewer

              1. Trust me -for lunch, breakfast,a real cup of coffee (the kind that actually tastes like coffee) - go to Java Joe's Cafe, around the corner from the Univ. of Maine Art Museum in downtown Bangor. You'll have to drive hours to find better coffee. I was tearing my hair out looking for someplace to hang out, eat, as I have to spend an entire day in Bangor once a week. Mattie Suphatsa, who owns the place with her husband, makes the best coffee, hot chocolate, ginger chicken soup, thai entrees in the midcoast. I've tried every place in sight - you can't get better coffee than hers. Added bonus, the most beautiful, vintage green linoleum, and vintage enameled booth bathroom. Also, an eccentric used and new bookstore links to the cafe through a sidedoor. Everything is spotless. Not much to look at on first glance but this is a wonderful find. Say hi to Mattie - such a nice lady.

                Java Joe's Cafe
                98 Central St, Bangor, ME 04401