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Oct 12, 2011 11:55 AM

Can I make stock with proscuitto skin?

My husband brought home a couple of pounds of the outside of proscuitto skin, can I use it in stock or render the fat or anything with it?

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  1. I wouldn't use it in stock; although it'll add flavor, you'll just end up skimming the fat off, and you may not want your stock to be that strongly flavored.

    Rendering it is a great idea though. The rendered fat will be wonderful to saute with. I'd use it for sauteing greens, or instead of other fats in bean soups, tomato based sauces, pasta dishes, etc. I could definitely see it used for grilled sandwiches or panini, in place of butter or bacon fat.

    Prosciutto fat is like gold in my house.

    1. you can add it to soups or bean dishes the same way you add a parm rind to give it flavor and then remove it at the end before serving.

        1. I save the skin and fat when I have it, and I do use it as a flavoring in some stock/broths. Primarily, I'll use it in a tomato brodo to add some depth. I cut it into small dice, brown it, then add a little dry white wine to deglaze, then crushed garlic and tomatoes, simmer about 30 minutes, then strain the solids out- cooling to skim the fat can be a good idea, but I usually don't bother. This is great with some simple homemade tortelloni, ravioli, or I've made it with veal meatballs.

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              I happen to have the A16 cookbook on loan from my library and inside there is a recipe for Prosciutto Brodo that uses the skin. Take a look: