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Oct 12, 2011 11:11 AM

LA Times: France bans ketchup in schools

Citing over-use, the French government has banned ketchup in schools and colleges. The only exception is as an accompaniment to pommes frites. Good idea or bad?

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    1. re: linguafood

      As long as they are using it for fries the terrorists haven't won.

    2. This is patently ridiculous. Catsup is tomatoes in a concentrated form High in antioxidants. Probably too much sugar. But they don't seem to be cutting out desserts.

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      1. re: Plano Rose

        Maybe cause you really can't throw dessert on ANYTHING, whereas kids are known to do exactly that with sugar-loaded ketchup.

        1. re: Plano Rose

          I mean really, don't they know that ketchup contains natural mellowing agents that school kids these days need? I'm surprised the Ketchup Advisory Board hasn't made those Frenchies aware of this.

        2. Ketchup in the French schools I have been in is served in packets (usually only 1 per student) and only on the days they serve frites. Really odd note is that more kids eat mayo on their fries than ketchup...

          (and don't let anyone tell you that the French don't like McDonald's -- there's a McDo in every other wide spot in the road in France, and come mealtime, they're **packed** -- and it's not with tourists. They all talk about how they hate it, but yet at lunchtime, the lines are out the door.)

          There's a HUGE push to improve the quality of French school lunches (which are already generally head and shoulders better than US school lunches) -- there's a big program underway right now to get them using local foods from local growers and producers, and there's an omnipresent program called MangerBouger (Eat Move) that's roughly equivalent to the 5-A-Day program -- about eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day, ***avoiding snacking between meals***, and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

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          1. re: sunshine842

            I wish I didn't, but I *greatly* prefer mayo on my fries to ketchup.

            1. re: LulusMom

              You should combine the mayo & ketchup sometime. Not as in mix into a sauce, but a bit of ketchup and a bit of mayo. German-style, yo.

              1. re: linguafood

                a little curry mayo for me, please. ;)

                1. re: sunshine842

                  or sauce oorlog, as popular in holland: mayo, peanut sauce, raw onion. heaven on a (paper) plate. not kissing food, tho.

                  1. re: linguafood

                    lingua - aaah the new thing I learned today - THANKS! will/must try that, does it use spicy or just fishy peanut sauce? never mind I'll try both.

                    and yeah even if it should be likely, I'll refrain from 'french kissing' anyone for a while afterwards.

                    1. re: hill food

                      actually, it's neither fishy nor spicy. just peanutty gooey goodness, 'specially with the mayo.

                2. re: linguafood

                  I find ketchup a bit too sweet. I do sometimes mix the mayo with horseradish or mustard though.

                  1. re: linguafood

                    Ah yes, "sauce américaine". At least that's what the Belgians call it.

                    1. re: SnackHappy

                      No, "sauce américaine" that I've seen in France and Belgium is closer to Thousand Island dressing -- or the 'secret sauce' that McDo puts on its Big Macs.

                      1. re: sunshine842

                        The sauce américaine I've had was much more like Russian dressing than Thousand Island, but I will concede your point. It seems to vary from straight mayo-ketchup mix to sauces with all kinds of veggies and spices tossed in and in varying degrees of heat.

                    2. re: linguafood

                      At the ski resort I spent a lot of time at when I was younger, we got in the habit of using thousand island dressing on our French fries since the ketchup was left out in a big open tub and looked more than slightly disgusting, while the salad dressing was in individual sealed packets. It's something that's stuck with me, though I usually don't bother with pickle relish, so I definitely second this idea.

                3. Ah, what do the French know about food anyway?

                  1. The original comment has been removed