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Apr 23, 2006 11:05 AM

la cachette mini report

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i went to la cachette last night and had a wonderful dinner! i've never written a report before, so pardon me if this isn't detailed enough.

the bread they served looked like breadsticks from a pizza joint, but they were MUCH tastier and had a nice crust on them. i only wish i had salted butter to put on them. i love salted butter on bread!

i ordered a squash and corn soup to start with. the portion was enormous. last time i had gone, i had some kind of corn soup that was way too salty. i was glad to find that last night's soup was salted just right! the squash gave the corn a kind of velvety taste and the corn flavor was subtly sweet.

for my main course, i ordered a special white asparagus salad. the vinegary dressing had some white truffle oil in it and the asparagus came with chopped egg whites and some greens. i enjoyed the salad, but by the time i was about 3/4 done with it, i just couldn't take the dressing anymore and didn't finish.

dessert was a strawberry rhubarb tart, which you had to order before dinner as you would a souffle. it came out piping hot with a perfect crust. when i tasted it, i was pleased to find it was not too sweet.

the only negative comment i had was about the waiter. they were busy last night and he was a bit snippy. sometimes he would be very accomodating and charming and other times he would get impatient, like when my friend was asking too many questions about the meny items and having difficulty deciding. still, he wasn't obnoxious or anything, but you could see he was getting frustrated and he's only human.

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  1. I, too, have a minireport for La Cachette.
    Went there this past Sunday - three in the group. It's a little difficult to get to, and there really isn't anything else in the area, but the restaurant was still fairly crowded for a Sunday night at 8 pm. The crowd tends to be a bit on the older side.

    Before we ordered, the waiter brought an amuse bouche of a tomato tart on a very nice, flaky, but not at all buttery or heavy crust.

    housemade duck pate - it was the special of the night. a little dry, taste was good, but nothing to write home about.
    endive and romaine salad with white truffle oil dressing - now, i am not normally a huge fan of endive, but the dressing was superb. the truffle oil complemented the crispy potato strings on top of the salad.
    butternut squash ravioli - a bit too sweet for my taste, without any particular interesting flavors.

    Duck cooked two ways - now THIS was fantastic. it is a duck breast, and a duck confit, with a citrusy/picked cabbage side. it also comes with crispy potato strings, which i think were more superfluous. but the duck was perfectly cooked, moist and delicious.

    veal stew - this was the country market dish of the night. a few pieces of tender stewed veal meat, over some thin pasta along with sweet onions, peas and carrots. also very good. i should add that all portions were generous.

    black angus filet - dont know why my friend ordered a steak at a french restaurant. it came with some blue cheese on top, and while it was fine, was nothing spectacular.

    we ordered the souffle and the apple crisp. the souffle was really very big, perfectly light and not too sweet. the apple crisp comes ala mode with hot caramel dressing. again, on a thin flaky but not too heavy crust. we were all stuffed by this time, but the desserts were really too good to pass up.

    dinner for three with tax, tip, a bottle of wine and one cocktail - $300. a little more than i anticipated, but all in all, an excellent restaurant.

    1. Our Tasting Menu at a recent lunch with friends. Everything was exceptional.

      Seared Foie Gras
      Hamachi Appetizer
      Mediterranean Sardine Salad
      Peking Duck 2 ways
      Pears & Gorgonzola Cheese
      Rose Peddle Tart