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Kosher French Macaroons

I am dying!!! for some French macaroons, but since I am a crappy baker and don't live around New York or New Jersey, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place that sells kosher French Macaroons online. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Pretty rare, from what I've found. They're not very hard to make - crappy baker or not. I've made them for several Passovers running (the ingredients are Passover friendly and they beat the pants off coconut macaroons).

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      Are you speaking of macaroons or macarons? I have heard the latter is very hard, mainly because it's "finicky.'

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        I wouldn't call them "finicky," but there are two things to watch for (three, if you consider getting the egg whites to room temp before beating one of them):

        1. Make sure you wait 20-30 minutes (after depositing the batter onto your sheet) before baking. It's important to allow a skin to form on the macaron to get the right texture in the final product.

        2. Try to avoid making them in very humid conditions because step 1 is harder to achieve.

        That's really it.

        My first batch was cosmetically "meh" but delicious. My second batch was better, and so on. Don't be afraid to experiment.

        These were the recipes that inspired me initially:


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          Please excuse my ignorance, but what is the difference?

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            Macaroons are coconut based, macarons are almond-based sandwich cookies. Here's a link that explains: http://www.yumsugar.com/Macarons-vs-M...

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              Yup - and so very delicious! Also, a great dessert for Pesach! Someone made them for us last year, and I still keep reminiscing:)

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                Thanks! Who would think that a little "o" would make such a difference.

        2. It's going to be hard to find "Kosher certified" French macarons (with one O) online. Depending on where you live, there may be a local store selling such macarons.
          What's great about macarons is that there are gluten free!

          1. Cravingz in Cedarhurst sells them and they're good. It is owned by the same owner as Gotta Getta Bagel in Woodmere. I know he delivers challahs all over tri-state area, maybe he could bring you some macarons. (516) 792-5988 ask for Joel (owner)

            1. Bo & Bon Brooklyn sells them. I can't speak for their quality or if they ship though. You can give them a call & see what they have to say. (347) 270-9051

              1. I belive you can get french macaroons here: http://www.jamescandy.com/shop-by-pro...

                They ship and are quite nice to deal with.

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                  None of the things on the page you linked to are French macarons.

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                    Sorry I am nor really sure what makes a macaroon French.

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                      That links to a site that has macarOOns. Usually, when noting that the cookie being looked for is French, the person is actually looking for macarOns. Completely different cookie. Explained to some degree here:


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                        Haven't been on for a while - Missed out on a lot of good topics ........
                        Now to "French Macaroons " --They have no bearing to the ITEM (maracrons) that is produced & sold for the Passover Holiday - Those coconut things sold in cans or dipped in chocolate ( some are very good & one of my son's keeps a few cans for after Passover) should not be confused with the delightful authentic cookie with beautiful pastille colors that a real French pastry shop bakes. The only location that I have seen & tasted is Mochableu in Teaneck, N.J. - I know there have been many threads on this restaurant -Some good & most bad - but the bakery section is really outstanding - The owner is French Moroccan & in spite of his obsession with the brick Pizza Oven -His baked good are quite good - another great item they produce is the very petite Melissa cupcakes- they bake parve & dairy - and are $$$$

                2. Paulette Macaron is certified by triangle-K and sells online

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                      THANK YOU!!!! This "Lette" site is awesome! Beautiful delicate authentic french macarons that happen to be KOSHER!!!! Stunning packaging/branding as well! I am so happy!!!! I would have never found this on my own!!! You made my year! Thank you! Can't wait to try them out and order online!

                    2. I have seen them at Delice Bakery in LA (www.delicebakery.com
                      )Perhaps they will ship them to you ...

                      1. There's a Bo & Bon opening in Toronto. Anyone know if it's the same one as in New York?

                        1. The King David Hotel (Jerusalem) serves French macarons to die for. (Not Macaroons, macarons)

                          I do know that this is not an answer to the question the OP asked. But, Lenchik, you have to eat one of these macarons, next year in Jerusalem.

                          1. I have found them! I have found the Macarons! This past June, I volunteered to clean up at the annual banquet for my son's school and got to the venue right around dessert time. Guess what! They had the macarons! And they were pretty darn good! Except I had no idea who made them or where to find them other then having to contact the caterer, which is silly for 3 dozen macarons. As luck would have it, I have finally located Eli Greenberg, the genius behind my long standing craving, who is currently my favorite person EVER. Here is the website in case you care (not sure if they can ship outside Chicago): http://www.gemschocolate.com/

                            Chicago may not have many restaurants that are worth visiting, but at least we got us some macarons!!

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                              No mention of hashgacha on the website. Which is it?

                            2. Thought you might find this article on macaroons, macaroni, and macarons interesting:

                              1. I was at the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park today and I found a stand selling kosher macarons. The stand was Macarons and Cookies by Woops. This is their website. http://www.woopsinthepark.com/#!about... It doesn't give the hashgacha on the website, but there was a Star-D sign in the store. I had a Caramel Fleur de Sel and it had the nice outside crunch while being soft inside, it was also sweet without being overly cloying.

                                It looks like they ship too. For anyone that is still looking, I'd suggest giving them a shot.

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                                  I am pretty sure I saw them at Union Square last week as well. Looked fabulous.

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                                    saw them at kosherfest-they had other yummy cookies. Are their macarons dairy?

                                    1. re: koshergourmetmart

                                      From the website linked above:
                                      "All of our products are certified Kosher, dairy."

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                                    My husband got me some of the Woops macarons, and they were fabulous! We had a salted caramel and a rose flavored one and they were as good as ones I've had in France!

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                                      Is this a permanent storefront or kiosk here?

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                                        When they were in Bryant Park over Christmas it looked like they were no longer certified. I'd double check at the store before you buy anything.

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                                          they no longer have the kosher information on their website

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                                            The macarons had been certified by Star-K but are not currently certified kosher. But I've heard that the bakery is working with the OU to be under their hashgacha.

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                                            Just went to website. sold out for online ordering for Pesach, but they wish you a Chag kasher v'sameach - just without macarons.

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                                              Well, they are in stores...just wish we knew which stores!

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                                                The stores are listed on the FAQ page; obviously no way to tell if they are actually still in stock in the stores however.

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                                                  I asked about these in Seasons (KGH) an hour ago. The guy was going to show me where they were, but then said, "You know how expensive they are?" When I asked, he said that the box had something like 4 macaroons and was about $20. I told him that that was too much for me. I should really have gone to take a look at them, just to see them, but that is really far too rich for my blood.

                                                  I was thinking of trying to make them, but may not do it for yom tov. I'll have to see if I have time. (I have never made them on my own before, but I did take a baking class in which we made them.)

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                                                    6 for $ 10.50, 12 for $19. I looked at them in Seasons in the Five Towns but passed on them. Did not seem worth it. I was really interested in Tova's cakes which were not yet on the shelves.

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                                                      Saw them in fairway as well. There's a recipe in today's NY Times for KLP chocolate caramel macarons.

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                                                        I saw them at Seasons last night. Price was about that. But my bigger issue was they looked terrible. Much worse than what you expect to see at non-kosher stores or Woops when they were kosher. Macaroons are not meant to sit out on store shelves that long.

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                                                          4 for $20 is obscene. When we were in paris we stopped at Damyel for macarons. They were kept in the frig to prevent drying out