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Oct 12, 2011 09:54 AM

Birthday dinner in Edmonton

I'm hoping someone can help me find a place to go for a birthday dinner in Edmonton next weekend. I'm looking for somewhere that can easily accomodate a large group (15-18) but that is also affordable (under $20 per person, not including drinks). Recommendations? I would also appreciate it if the restaurant is fairly centrally located, or in Sherwood Park.

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  1. At that price range, most places including Hudson's, Brewster's, Joey's, Earl's etc. will be able to do a main course with no opportunity for appetizer and/or dessert.

    Or were you meaning the entree price should be $20 or less, and any app or dessert on top of that?

    If the $20 per person is for the entire food budget, I would suggest somewhere like an Indian buffet or maybe Sai Woo Garden on 97th St. in Chinatown. Those options would give people the most selection and variety and opportunity to try more than one dish.

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      shoot, I think I am too late but Famoso Pizza does larger group stuff and they are in Sherwood Park.

      1. re: cleopatra999

        Thanks, I did try calling Famoso, but they wouldn't book such a large group on a weekend.

        I ended up going with a very casual option that everyone seemed to enjoy - Bul Go Gi House in Bonnie Doon. It worked out great!

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          Ethnic food is the best value in Edmonton.

          Have not been to Bul Go Gi house in Edmonton in years, but another good option (for the future) is the Ninh Kieu Vietnamese restaurant . We often go there for the vermicelli bowls and appetizers like mango salad, and see large groups dining . I second Sai Woo as well although Ninh Kieu is less hectic .