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Oct 12, 2011 09:37 AM

changes in Fort Fort Myers

driving by French Bread Oven bakery I saw a little change in their sign. Lush French Bakery.
They have invested in Lush (the restaurant) and opened a second shop in old Fort Myers. I'm sure those who miss Barra Bread will be happy.

I had a wonderful variation on Croque Monsieur. A veggie version which was really delicious. Country Bread, Gruyere, Herb de Provence Béchamel, Gratinnée with a filling of spinach, grilled veggies and carmelized onions. I also had a pear tart. Outstanding. Wish they had wine but I suppose I should start doing that at lunch.

It is better than before. The Fort Myers group is now separate from French Bread Oven, which will keep its name in Naples.

Andre is back involved with this bakery and this really excites me. I have missed him.

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  1. LMF,

    Collier's loss is your gain. Your sandwich sounds heavenly!!! I was recently in Bordeaux and the food at an "average" French spot in France is usually the equal to many very good or even top French places in the USA for dinner and baked goods. Your sandwich sounds like what would be a natural sandwich combo in France!

    For those who don't know, Andre is the top baker in SW Florida. Fortunately, he's taught bakers at French Bread Oven and other spots the tricks of the trade. He's a gentleman!

    I ate at Lush the other day-enjoyable food and a very good malbec- and it's always fun to see Shannon shine, larger than life. His following is faithful, -it's good to see restaurants flourishing in this economy. From tapas style apps with white beans to varied imported olives, juicy hamburgers with truffled fries, to filet mignon topped with foie gras-he's got the bases covered with a well honed menu and solid wines- that should expand in season. The unique interlocking white plates and the food plating is inviting. The building is a good setting for live music, inside or outside-I don't know if he'll have such regularly scheduled during the season.