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Oct 12, 2011 09:03 AM

Spanish Chorizo in Raleigh?

Does anyone know where I can find it? I don't have the time to get to Durham or CH before I need it, so Raleigh suggestions only, please.
I've tried Earth Fare and HT with no luck. Will try Fresh Market later today and Whole Paychex, if I have to, tomorrow. Any other thoughts?

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  1. I've only seen it at certain HT stores, not all of them have it. When we make paella, etc, we have luck at the one on Edwards Mill in Raleigh as well as the one on Creedmoor. They have chorizo and linguica. It might not hurt to call and ask, though, as it's not consistent.

    Also, I've seen it in different locations in the stores. One may have it with the other chorizos and sausages, and another may have it with the salami, etc, in the gourmet cheese case.

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      I'd also suggest trying a nearby latino market. If you're located in North Raleigh, there's one at the North Market shopping center. I also think that either Trader Joes or Aldi carries it, perhaps both.

      Edit: Also want to toss in the Meat House at the Quail Corners shopping center. They carry chorizo as well.

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        Thanks for the responses. I did finally get it at Fresh Market. And I realize I mis-wrote above. I had not yet been to Earth Fare. It was Trader Joe's that did not have the chorizo, sort of. They only have soy chorizo which definitely wasn't what I wanted.

        The Hispanic markets don't have Spanish chorizo. This AM I found Mexican, Argentinian, Columbian, and I think Salvadoran chorizo at International, but not Spanish.

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          Soy chorizo, one for the Freudian food files.

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            I just purchased some Spanish chorizo at Fresh Market as well (after searching at TJ's, HT, Whole Foods, and the Meat House). I am told, after the fact, that they carry it at World Market too. On our way to a delicious birthday paella!

      2. There is a really good chorizo that's made locally (maybe Charlotte). I'm pretty sure they sell it at Whole Foods. They definitely sell it at the Raleigh Wine Shop, because if I'm not mistaken, Andony, one of their suppliers of Spanish wine, also distributes it.

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          It's D'Rouco Chorizo and it's made in Matthews, NC outside of Charlotte. It is sold at the Wade Avenue WFM. It's free of nitrates and the pork is traceable and compassionately raised. And, the Roucos are great, friendly people.

        2. Hello! I just checked Capri Flavors in Cary, NC for you. They have an international selection of fresh and frozen Chorizo in stock now, and will have Spanish dry-cured Chorizo by August 9.

          What are you making? Yum!!!!

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            Well, the original post is 2 years old, but I'm pretty sure I was making paella then. And, since I have paella on the brain again, it turns out this info is really relevant. Thanks!

            1. re: rockycat

              My son bought some bulk chorizo from MAE Farm, indoors at the State Farmer's Market, last week. Totally don't know whether this is the type of chorizo you're looking for.