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Return of "Happy Hour"?

re: "Senate votes on 'free drinks' at Mass. casinos"



I'm giving this a less than 50-50 chance of actually happening.... thoughts?

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  1. What would happy hour mean around here $5 pints instead of $7-8? ;-)

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    1. re: LStaff

      I remember 25 cent shots at Your Father's Mustache, but those days are long gone.

      1. re: LStaff

        In the old days, it was usually "two for one" for drinks, using nasty well liquors, though.

        1. I spent my 21st Birthday at Mary Annes on 3 for 1 night. I think beers cost .50 or somthing

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            $.50 beers?? turn of the 19th century??

            1. re: C. Hamster

              Ha! I remember Mary Anne's. Went in there once in the early 90s with my BF and his friends and the entire place smelled like old, old, old vomit. Euw!

              1. re: Kat

                I beg to differ Kat, as I was there in the 90's, and it smelled like pee. Most definately, pee.

                lol......place smelled freaking horrible, and the staff made it clear that they didn't want (me and my friend, very much NOT BU/BC students) there. Lovely time

            2. The Senate tacked on this amendment allowing happy hours at regular bars as well as casinos, but the House did not. My guess is it will fall by the wayside in committee discussions, but this is MA, you never know what will happen behind closed doors.

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              1. re: BobB

                Plenty of places still do it.

                $1 drafts until magically their kegs are out.

                1. re: typhoonfish

                  No place good, though. I'd love to see something like a limited cocktail and food menu from like 4-6 at Eastern Standard with $5 cocktails.

                  Eastern Standard
                  528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

              2. In the lazy journalism/full disclosure dept: Chris Cassidy in today's Herald neglects to mention that the Senator who sponsored the amendment, Robert Hedlund, is an owner of Four Square, a restaurant/bar in Weymouth.

                1. A lot of people thought we'd never see liquor stores open on Sundays. I think it's just a matter of time. Maybe they'll let the individual towns decide. (I'm still annoyed that the state went after Groupon about 'discounts on alchohol')

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                    This is a little different. We had happy hour until the late 80s when the legislature ended it in an attempt to reduce drunk driving deaths. The Sunday alcohol ban was way older and longer. If the happy hour prohibition experiment turned out to be a success and can be shown to have had a significant impact on drunk driving deaths, I'd forgo happy hour. I have a feeling it's had a negligible or at least limited impact, so I say "bring on the drink specials!"

                    1. re: DoubleMan

                      There were a couple studies done on the effect of happy hour in Ontario, Canada. I believe the conclusion was that there was no evidence that banning happy hour correlated to better traffic safety (some studies show that alcohol consumption increased, but this didn't affect safety, according to the numbers).

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                        Exactly. The happy hour ban was driven by MADD. It's foolish to think eliminating happy hour will prevent drunk driving, but my sense is groups like MADD hold a lot of sway in the state legislature.

                    2. Not holding my breath on this one.

                      Massachusetts' alcohol laws are just ridiculous. I'm always reminded how much so when I go home to Denver and can have a drink on the patio (without ordering food) and can get two for one beers/drinks from 5-7.

                      1. Anyone have an update on shipping wine to Massachusetts?

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                        1. re: typhoonfish

                          Still a no-go. Someone tries to get it through the legistlature each session but it gets nowhere despite the ruling that their ban is unlawful. Not sure what the hold up is, but I know bills have been submitted at least twice.

                          1. re: Kirs

                            We have a very powerful, very crappy liquor distribution lobby here. Stink.

                            1. re: DoubleMan

                              We are still blessed compared to some states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington.


                        2. I was just talking with Dave Andelman (he's heavily involved in this) and he said the language of the amendment doesn't say anything about happy hour or giving away drinks, it's simply about restaurants not getting treated worse than casino dining spots.

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                          1. re: hiddenboston

                            I read it as

                            if casinos get the ability to give away drinks

                            so should every other restaurant


                            1. re: okra

                              That's how I initially read it as well, but he said no, don't expect restaurants across the state to start having happy hours.

                          2. While I personally would welcome Happy Hour, one must admit that, from a public policy point of view, inviting people to consume double the alcohol between 4-7 pm and then driving home doesn't make much sense.

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                              These's not much data on it, but the little that's out there suggests that happy hours do not lead to more drunk driving incidents. Those that are smart enough not to drink and drive aren't persuaded to do so by lower prices.

                              Of course, it's always been hard to get data, public policy, and politics together in the same room...