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Oct 12, 2011 07:25 AM

What would you do with "cream"?

Last week at my farm market, I bought a container of what was labeled "cream" from the raw milk seller, thinking it looked like an interesting find. It's in a plastic tub container, what looks to be maybe about two cups of very thick cream (not as hard as butter, not as soft as yogurt - spoonable but not spreadable). I tasted it, and it tastes like... cream. But I've never seen cream this thick. It looks positively luscious. I want to treat it right. What would YOU do with such a find?

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  1. That's what cream used to be like before commercial "cream." You could bake with it, use it in cakes, or get some self-rising flour, and make biscuits (just the cream and the sr flour), or heat it, curdle it, and make some very rich ricotta!

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      I have found that too much fat will interfere with the ricotta curdling, and that whole milk plus just a little heavy cream works best for me using the heat then add lemon juice or vinegar method. Do you have a secret for making extra rich ricotta?

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        When I want my ricotta extra rich, I make it with whole milk as usual, then drain off a bit more of the whey than I normally would. Once it's cooled, I mix in heavy cream to taste - the drier curds sort of absorb the cream and it creates a really luscious texture. I find that adding the cream to the milk before curdling makes the ricotta pasty and heavy.

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          You should look at this Smitten Kitchen post:

          It produces amazing rich ricotta.

      2. And you can eat it straight - on top of berries, on top of tartar, straight with a spoon.

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          +1. I wouldn't cook with such a treasure - I'd eat it straight up! Lightly sweetened on pie would be about as far as I'd fool with it. YUM!

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            +2. something so pure & luscious deserves to be enjoyed in its native state. dollop it on scones, pie, fresh or poached fruit, mousse, pavlova, pasta with herbs...

        2. Take a cup of the cream, and a cup of the best active cultured sour cream you can find. mix together, add a tablespoon of kosher salt, then let it sit on your counter for 4 or 5 hours. you end up with this thick, velvety luscious cream that i use in place of mexican crema.

          1. You can make butter. Homemade butter with raw cream is a delight.

            1. Thanks, these are some great ideas! I guess the consistency is what had me stumped. Eating it just as is might be a little weird (I tried a little just to see) because it is soooo thick and not a lot of flavor, just really creamy and smooth on the tongue.

              Regarding making ricotta, can someone share their method? It sounds like I could make a luscious sweet ricotta with it, the kind you would use in cannolli or other desserts.