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Oct 12, 2011 06:28 AM

Tito's Tacos T.V. Ad This AM in Los Angeles

This will undoubtedly be of little to absolutely no interest to most outside of LA, but Tito's Tacos (one of the most Americanized Mexican food outlets in the world - and a lightening rod for "I love it" vs "I hate it" posts here on the LA CH board since CH came into existence here in LA) but for the first time ever I saw a television commercial for their restaurant. You can see it here on You Tube if interested:

I simply couldn't let this pass without comment on CH. And this was on the morning news on our local NBC affiliate, KNBC's morning news. What is the world coming to? I'm sure this must one of the signs of the approaching Apocalypse or the Mayan end of the world "final issue" 2012 calendar! ;-D>

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  1. The problem with your apocalyptic link is that the video was posted to YouTube in 2008. I hate Titos with a passion, but the flying tacos in the background are awesome.

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    1. re: Jwsel

      Maybe the apocalypse part of the whole deal stems from the fact they are on KNBC running this as a paid TV ad? ;-D>

    2. I'm not sure I understand what your issue is with this....

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        Tongue planted firmly in cheek he replied "Issue? With Tito's advertising? Are you mad? It's an (outrage) (unbelievable illustration of kitsch) (example of the world coming to an end). Take your pick of one, none or all of the possible choices"

        You have to be a long time L.A. board regular to find this amusing, I'm sure...

        And now we return you to our regularly scheduled broadcasting...This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system...If this had been an actual emergency Tito's would have only a short line in front of its order windows...

        1. re: Servorg

          No, I'm serious. Only large restaurants are allowed to advertise? Only chains, or indie restaurants you like? Only expensive, well-produced ads? Only for products you approve of? Only on smaller, non O&O stations, in the middle of the night? If you think that ad is particularly kitschy, then you don't watch much TV. Running it in KNBC's AM newscast is pretty smart targeting, based on the demos of the market and that telecast. Most likely, the ad was placed via the local cable company and is only running in certain zip codes or coverage areas.

          1. re: acgold7

            "No, I'm serious." Glad to meet you, Serious. You can call me Shirley (Shirley I Jest).

            1. re: Servorg

              Servorg, I'm with you on this one. If it's the ad I'm thinking of (broken youtube link aside), it's one of the worst, cheeziest and dated ads ever. And uh, annoying. Count me among the "love" Tito's crowd (in moderation these days of course), but the commercial is embarrassing. I suspect it's run by cable / satellite companies as a local ad and appears pretty much day or night. People in the ad look pretty "80s" to me as well, check the hairdo and shades on the guy at the end of the commercial. Boardwalk, Venice, 1987 brah.

              Try not to think of the commercial as you stand in line or you'll somehow feel douched.....

              1. re: cagey

                The links not working for you? I tried it just now and it played without any problem for me... I too think Tito's fills a place in my "chow soul" - but not as often as when my stomach was stainless steel and my cholesterol wasn't something that made my doc shake his head in a negative and worried manner...

                1. re: Servorg

                  Good lord.... I think I fished it out another way.


                  ugh.... did I have to watch it again?

                  I will actually be working in Culver City tomorrow and damn you if this didn't give me a hankering for 2 tacos and a beef burrito!?!!? @#$#$%

                  1. re: cagey

                    And that green stuff they call guacamole.

      2. Yes the ad is cheesier than the industrial size tubs of shredded cheddar they keep in the prep room but, bag on it as I have, admittedly it's grown on me if for no other reason than for one magical evening.

        A few years ago, on a cold, miserable and rain-drenched midweek night in February, a group of friends and I made our way to Tito's for some post-LA Kings game tacos. Typical of the Tito's experience, the lines were long and paced like LA rush hour during a rainstorm -- a testament to the place's arcane, inefficient order and pay system. While in line -- and here's where the details get a bit blurred -- someone began humming the commercial's ditty, gradually increasing in volume and length, Amused, folks including our group joined in and within a few seconds that line had become a singalong flash mob. Seemingly the entire dining area was filled with those hypnotic lyrics:

        "I love Ti-To's Ta-Coz . . .You'll love Tito's too..."

        The impromptu group-aoke didn't last very long but, afterward, a once average, nondescript night filled with tired, hungry and frowning, impatient customers was transformed by an Americanized Mexican version of Kumbaya. It ended in roaring applause and with amused smiles and laughter from the staff including even the semi-mysterious plainclothes security person who clears out the dining room at closing. Several high fives and fist bumps later, we got our food in no time and I swear the amount of cheese and chips on our orders went beyond what we've ever had on our best day there.

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        1. re: Kris P Pata

          That's a wonderful story, Kris...thanks for sharing. Each time we (us humans) have one of those shared positive experiences I find it leaves us feeling a little more hopeful about life in general...

        2. Hey, Servorg -- You don't watch nearly enough late night TV. Those Tito's ads have been on forever. Next you'll be posting about seeing a ditty for Norm's!

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          1. re: nosh

            Yeah - I've been seeing those Tito's Tacos ads for years, too!!!
            Norm's sounds great, or ---
            "How about a nice, hot, delicious pizza -
            - Now - Right Now???"