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Village Whiskey burger or Royal Tavern burger?

Need your help fellow Chowhounders... The wife and I will be going out to lunch next week in the city. I'm on an eternal quest for the worlds greatest burger. I have tried all the other popular spots- Good Dog, Rouge, Pub and Kitchen, PYT, Sketch- these are the last two on my list. I ask your humble opinions out of the two I mentioned, which one would you choose? Price is not an option and we are both off work that day so we have all the time in the world. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Village Whiskey serves the better burger, by far.

      1. Village Whiskey. And, I've not even had the fancy, expensive one, just the regular one. It doesn't matter what you have on it, the patty itself is magic.

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          Yes, make sure you get the regular burger, the Village Burger, not the ridiculous Whiskey King. As urbanfabric says, the patty is fantastic, you don't want much else getting in the way. The bun is great too.

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            I know I'm a little late to the 'party' here, but heads-up . . . they put Thousand Island dressing on all the burgers by default. Just in case you want it sans dressing. It was an AWESOME burger (went just this past Sunday). If you're hungry enough get the shortrib and cheddar fries too - you won't be sorry! Hope to go back again and NOT share my burger with my husband.

        2. Sketch Burger (in Fishtown) for SURE. The interior is no-nonsense, as is the burger, but they have a vast selection of classy add-ons.


          The fries are also the best in the city.

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            My vote is still for Village Whiskey burger - it's truly decadent especially if you have it with the fried egg. I occasionally go vegan too for healthy eating and they also have a very good lentil burger.

          2. I think the village whiskey is pretty delicious but somewhat overrated and WAY overpriced.

            1. You might want to add Khyber Pass Pub to your list. Same owners as the Royal Tavern, but the Khyber's burger is even better.

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                What makes it better? Is it a different mixture of meat? DIfferent roll? Better preparation? The effect of the incredible craft beer list that Khyber has on one's palate?

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                  Perhaps the super-strong Mint Juleps from the frozen drink machine? :-)

                  The toasted roll is the same, but the Khyber meat has a deeper smoky, charbroiled-like flavor that the RT meat does not (or didn't the last couple of times I've had it). And while I love the smoked Gouda on the RT burger, the smoked Cheddar on the Khyber burger melds better with the flavor of the meat...as does the Creole mustard.

              2. Rembrandt's does some awesome burgers, just an fyi. Get the Rouge or Lamb Burger