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Oct 12, 2011 02:55 AM

Casual, dog-friendly outdoor lunch somewhere between Frederick and Frostburg?

We're going to the Savage River Lodge in Frostburg for a night just to sort of sit in the woods and decompress and we're taking our dog (which is why we chose SVL.) We're driving from Baltimore and will want to stop on the side of the road for lunch both ways. I'm thinking REALLY casual, like if it's an amazing pit beef stand with picnic tables that's fine, since we'll have our dog. If it's actual outdoor seating that's dog friendly so much the better. Any hidden gems? Local favorites? Unexpected cuisines? This is gonna be in the first week of November.

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  1. If Frederick itself is not too close, the patio at Brewers Alley,, might work for you.

    1. We've never brought our dogs along, but Frederick seems very pro-dog generally.

      A bit of a detour up 15 N is Chubby's BBQ in Emmittsburg. If it's a decent day there are picnic tables outside. Very good BBQ, and a very cool through back kind of joint.

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        Brewer's Alley and Chubby's both sound like our kinds of places! Thanks for starting us off with good recs! Anyone else have a personal favorite? With two lunches to fill we're open to more suggestions! Any surprising ethnic enclaves along the way?

        Brewer's Alley
        124 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

      2. Our little excursion is just a week away. Any other suggestions? We're going to try to finalize our choices and make sure we can sit out with the pooch at them early this week and then just hope for good weather!

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          Just off I-70 in Middletown MD is a Greek restaurant called Aleko's attached to a gas station, I have never been but I know they have outdoor picnic tables and I have heard the food is really good.

        2. Try Puccini's, but give them a call first. They are located right after the Rocky Gap Lodge exit but before Cumberland. I'm not sure if this is under the same management, but we went here with our chocolate lab when the Rocky Gap Lodge used to accommodate pets. We sat on the patio and enjoyed some pretty darn good wood fired pizza. I was born and raised in Chicago and have lived in NY too, so I consider myself a bit of a pizza snob and we really enjoyed our meal. They have sandwiches and other offerings as well. Again, if they did change mgmt, they may no longer allow pets, but they were super friendly with us.

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            Awesome! Thanks for all the tips. I'll report back what we end up doing.

            One last question: Any particularly awesome farm stands/ Saturday farmers markets that we might be able to stop at on the way back?

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              Hancock has a big apple farm with a huge barn/stand right off I-68 that I believe is open year round. By this time it is getting quite wintery in Western Maryland so a lot of the markets stands are probably ended for the season, but you might check Frederick, Boonsboro (sp?) and Hancock.


            I usually stop here on the way home from Chubbys when I'm up that way.