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Oct 11, 2011 08:41 PM

Morristown Dinner Recs Please...

I'm going to be in Morristown next Thursday for a George Benson concert, and was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice restaurant in the area to relax, have a good dinner and some cocktails before the show? Looks like I'll be coming up 202/287 from the south, if there should be anything worth recommending on the way in. Any suggestions will be most appreciated!

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  1. Be advised, Morristown, gets pretty crowded on concert nights. While there are lots of good restaurants in Morristown, most are BYO's. A few that aren't are David Todd's City Tavern; George & Martha's, Roots Steakhouse; The Urban Spoon plus the two pubs - Dublin Pub and Grasshopper Off the Green. If I were you, I'd consider getting off 287N and have dinner Bernardsville/Basking Ridge. Between the Mt.Airy Rd exit and Morristown you have several options: Equus Tavern; Due Terre, Vine and Market. You'd only be about 10 minutes from downtown Morristown. Almost all these places have been discussed on this board, except for Vine, which I don't think I have never seen mentioned and don't know why.

    Equus Tavern
    1 Mill Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

    Due Terre
    107 Morristown Rd Ste C, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

    Dublin Pub Restaurant
    4 Pine St, Morristown, NJ 07960

    1. Bernards Inn and Due Terre in bernardsville will fit the bill well if you want to stop on your way

      Parking in Morristown can be a challenge so going early and getting settled might make your meal more relaxing - I would go to Roots but many hounders will jump all over that - I find it relaxing especailly early and during the week on a Thursday night, not the best steakhouse on the planet but they will give you a comfortable table, great big cocktails and garage parking so you can walk across the green to the concert

      You can also try La Capangna for really good Italian food or if you like an asian meal we love aiku and they have a full bar and are steps away from the concert hall

      The Bernards Inn
      27 Mine Brook Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

      Due Terre
      107 Morristown Rd Ste C, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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        Aikou has a full bar? I never knew that. Thanks for the info.

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          Thanks bropaul and carlylecat for the suggestions. The garage parking may seal the deal, but I will checkout some of the websites as I get closer to the event and see what looks ideal.

        2. While dinner en route might be nice, personally, I like to know I'm going to make it to a concert on time. That said, I'll offer two other ideas in Morristown, both within walking distance of the Community Theater (Mayo): Origin Thai or Sushi Lounge. The latter is a slightly longer walk (6 blocks vs 2), but if you get in to town early, you'll be fine in terms of street parking.

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            Thanks for recs...I have been there for a show a fews yrs back. Looks like I have a few options, and I do expect to be comfortably within walking distance when prepping for show whether it be good eats, or the always possible avg eats.

          2. No one talks about the Grand Cafe anymore. It is a bit expensive, high end and fancy, but the food is consistently good. It may be out of favor due to the economic downturn , it is a 1980's kind of place. Check it out!

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              I have no problem with fancy or expensive if the food and atmosphere is on cue...-thanks

            2. Well, we ended up taking our own refreshments with us, and went to La Campagna for some old school Italian. I really enjoyed the restaurant, and wish I had one just like it in my neighborhood in NC. I was telling a friend after dinner, I said you know, if we had an Italian restaurant like that in our area, things would be just a little bit better. Thanks for the recs Jersey Hounds.

              La Campagna
              5 Elm St, Morristown, NJ 07960