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Oct 11, 2011 07:47 PM

What Did You Cook Today? Part 1

Since photos are now easier to load on Chowhound (just browse your picture file, and upload),
I thought we could establish a photo forum of daily meals or entrees.

To start, I have my Canadian Thanksgiving maple smoked turkey, with dressing and zucchini.

Please feel free to add daily cooking photos, or verbal descriptions.

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  1. For dinner tonight - baked salmon with buttery leeks on top, yellow bell peppers with smoked cayenne pepper and sushi rice.

    1. Hi, jayt. I'll bet that turkey was tasty.

      I didn't do much cooking today, but yesterday, I made angel hair with a fresh tomato and beef ragu with a romaine and sauteed mushroom salad dressed with balsamic vinaigrette. I also posted this on the What's For Dinner thread, which is another ongoing homecooking thread that focuses on dinner. (You might have already seen it.)

      Oh, I did also make a ham and cheese croissant with a light smear of strawberry jam for breakfast today.

      I like the idea of this thread because we can post whatever we make regardless of time of day, so thanks for starting it. :)

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        @jay, Saw your post on WFD. I think it's great that we have both options now. Count me in going forward. :)

      2. No cooking, just preparing. Lunch was pears, and bananas, and dinner was a big bowl of guacamole, and chips. Too tired from the commute to cook. The Florida avocados weigh around 2#, and make about a quart of guacamole. Shoulda only used one jalapeño though. This last bunch I bought really have some heat in them.

        Trying to think when the last time I actually cooked a full meal. The current work schedule has me pretty worn out by the time I get home.

        1. No images, but dinner tonight was country fried chicken, white asparagus, cherry tomatoes and brown rice. Not only was it colorful, it was very good.

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            Last night. Cooked up what was left in my garden. Sauteed beet greens, swiss chard, roasted brussel sprouts w garlic and shallot. Topped w a good french feta and a splash of rice vinegar. Delightful.

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              That sounds lovely, todao. How did you prepare the asparagus?

            2. The original comment has been removed