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Oct 11, 2011 07:12 PM

Where to buy Bison meat in Charlotte?

My daughter just returned from an extended stay out west and has developed a taste for Bison. Can anyone recommend places (Butcher - grocery store) in Charlotte that sells Bison Meat?

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  1. I've seen it at various Harris Teeters in the section where they sell "exotic" meets.

    Harris Teeter
    , New Bern, NC 28560

    1. Earth Fare sells Carolina Bison meat, which is raised near Asheville.

      Earth Fare
      12235 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, NC

      1. The Lodge in South Charlotte has bison burgers on the menu. I've only had their regular burgers which are awesome. They'lll make them as pink as you want (shh!).

        1. The Meat House on Rea Rd., just south of Stonecrest in South Charlotte.

          Also, I feel like I remember seeing it at one of the local farmers markets (either Matthews or Waxhaw). I can remember the vendor but I'm pretty sure I saw it.