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Oct 11, 2011 06:35 PM

Need Recs from Wynn afficionados


Staying at the Wynn for 3 nights in late November.
Very grateful for any feedback on which of their dining options are definitely worth a visit/worth avoiding. Both lunch and dinner options considered.



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  1. I really enjoy The Country Club for lunch. We also we really enjoy Society Cafe. The only other restaurant we have been to at Wynn/Encore was Switch and it was just ok. The restaurant "switching" was kind of cool but the food was pretty generic.

    1. We love the Wynn but haven't stayed in a year or two and just got back from Vegas but we were at the Trump..better deal...
      Country Club is one of my fave's for lunch, drinks, and dinner..tucked away.
      The Zooza (sp) deli has a great Jewish deli..huge sandwiches to split.

      We always order the kids menu from room service...huge kids burgers for $6 with fries and we get a kids sundae and we've been doing this for room service menu and they don't mind.
      Okada for sushi is quite good..just don't order the $15+ glass of wine..stick with a big Sapporo beer.

      Get over to Lotus of Siam on Sahara about a mile away in a funky strip center for the best Thai ever...go for lunch at 11:30..

      1. Have had a couple of great meals at SW. Also like Parasol Down (right outside SW) for drinks.