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Oct 11, 2011 06:20 PM

Where can I find sotol in southern New England?

I'd like to buy a bottle of sotol (a spirit similar to tequila or mezcal - google it) in RI, MA, or CT. I've checked a number of liquor stores and nobody has ever heard of it. An old thread recommends a website that could ship to MA in 2009 but can't now, so that's not an option. Any ideas?

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    1. re: invinotheresverde

      I've checked Yankee, Knight's, and a number of smaller less memorable stores so far. I found Julio's while googling for large stores in the area and was thinking about checking it out.

    2. good luck, I've seen Hacienda de Chihuaha Sotol at a few online retailers (two in NYC) but have never come across in a store.

      1. Went on a quest last night to find some...went to lots of places, and even asked in a few where it looked possible (stores with good selection of tequila or large stores). Nobody's ever heard of it and most couldn't even understand the concept.

        At North East Wines & Spirits in Dayville CT, which is quite large (at least the size of Nipmuc, Hank's, Knight's, Haxton's, or Heritage), the employees had never heard of sotol or even mezcal, and I'm not sure if they have heard of Maker's Mark whiskey. *facepalm*