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Oct 11, 2011 06:10 PM

Iranian/Persian/Shirazi dried figs in Boston area?

Hey! These type of tiny figs are my favourite, but I haven't been able to find them in Boston. C-Mart used to have them, but of late they seem out of stock and haven't exactly been the best quality. Does anyone know of anywhere in a T-accessible area where I can purchase some?

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  1. i do not know these figs. hope you will describe them to us and tell us why they are so great. places you might call: turkish store across from Super 88 in allston; russian markets in brighton and allston; sevan market in watertown. you could also call and speak to Ihsan at Formaggio in Cambridge(i believe he is from istanbul)or the owner of Lala Rokh, as she is irani. maybe they could direct you to a source.

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      Here's a photo of how these type of figs look like:

      It doesn't seem these types of figs are very popular here, because I do not see them around much at all, but I like them cause they're not as sticky as other types of dried figs. It's all personal preference, really. Thanks for the pointers, though!

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        Those are the ones they have at Tabrizi bakery. If you do go, call ahead as they do not ALWAYS have them.

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        Just FYI as Persian foodstuffs are not so common you will NOT likely find them at any of the places you mention. The one thing you MIGHT occasionally find, is the pistachios. Even Arax and Sevan carry very few Persian items.

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          I just noticed this....there is a Persian store down the street from those shops which has specifically Persian items called Super Hero.

      3. Tabrizi bakery in Watertown often has the delicate white Persian dried figs as well as dried mulberries and Persian pistachios.

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          Thanks so much! I'll try and check it out, although Watertown's a bit hard for me to get to by public transport.

          1. re: kirbybirdie

            That part of Watertown is easily accessible by T. Take the Red Line to Harvard Square, then get on the #71 bus. The 71 goes down Mt. Auburn St., directly past Arax, Sevan, and Tabrizi*. From Park Street it takes 30-40 minutes when everything goes smoothly.

            *Get off a stop or two after the 7-11 on your right, then cross the street.

            Hope this helps!

            Watertown,MA, Watertown, MA

            1. re: LovinYankeeBarbecue

              There is also an express bus to Watertown Square from I believe Kenmore which is VERY fast. You don't get to hit Arax and Sevan with that route, but for folks more Green Line oriented it is MUCH faster.

          2. re: StriperGuy

            stripes, have you had the irani pistachios and if so, how diff are they in flavor from Ca. ones? thnx

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              The shape is different, skinny, and more delicate. The have a more subtle refined taste. They are, along with I think Turkish ones, considered the very best in the world:

              This web site has more info:

              Even more interesting is when Arax has FRESH pistachios. Which is usually now in the fall. They had some last week. Sort of similar to fresh almonds, in a pistachio kind of way if you've ever had those.

          3. Found em. Arax recently expanded their dried fruit section. The kids took over most of the operations in the last few years and this was part of that.

            Was there today and they had the Persian figs and dried mulberries.

            585 Mount Auburn St
            Watertown, MA 02472-4154
            (617) 924-3399