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Oct 11, 2011 06:03 PM

The Barrymore....or something like it.

Been out to Vegas 1-2x per year for the past 15 years and have eaten my share of awesome, over the top dinners. Looking for something a bit more chill this time around because some of our compadres don't want to drop $200pp on a meal.

Checked out the Barrymore's dinner menu and like it. I'm a bit nervous though since its relatively new and hasn't really been given a green light by Chowhounders.

Any other recommendations for a Strip restaurant that has a dinner menu similar to Barrymore's?

Looking for Classics twisted (man that sounds cliche) in an unpretentious setting. Hopefully you get the vibe of what I'm looking for.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Headed there either Fri night or Sat night. Will be happy to let you know.

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    1. re: LVI

      Going there this week for dinner, looking forward to it. Hopefully your experience was a positive one.

      1. re: picks

        I had lunch there last weekend and it was sublime!! We had Lobster Deviled Eggs, Roasted Artichokes (beautifully charred and napped with a great light sauce) , Vitello Tonnato (one of the best I have ever had) followed by the Lomo de Cerco and the Fish Taco. All were delicious, well executed and perfectly seasoned. Not to mention the great prices. I am anxious to go back for dinner as their dinner menu looks to be very creative.

    2. Hi,

      I have tried to find an active link to this place and have struck out. Is it still open?


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      1. re: Luna2372

        The Barrymore is not only open, but thriving - . For as much as we have enjoyed the vibe of the place, the food is really the star, and the creativity of Francisco Campo and the crew in the kitchen has been a pleasure to experience. Most of the regular dinner menu offers their own twists of traditional classics, but the specials have really stood out on recent visits - particularly skate with a white asparagus sauce (an unusual treatment of that fish that absolutely worked); a white truffle risotto; and a veal porterhouse.

        1. re: QAW

          again...I go to the website and it redirects me to a blank page...too bad.

          food talk here makes it sound interesting.

          Sorry that their site is down.


        2. re: Luna2372

          They are open. Here is the link:

          Phone number: (702) 407-5303

          Google is a wonderful thing!

          1. re: Philber

            I agree that google is a wonderful thing. When it works. As I have mentioned in three posts re-directs me to a blank page.

            Yes...that very link that you have so nicely provided for me. Perhaps there is a problem with my browers security being set to high. But that alone would give me pause for concern since I have had no problem opening many Las Vegas food re-lated links today.

            Perhaps I will phone them and get the poor girl at the hostess table to recant to all of their spendid offerings. Oh..and the address, open hours and dress code and the cost of course.


            1. re: Luna2372

              Must be your settings. Just clicked on the embedded link above and it worked just fine. Here's some of the info you need.

              Address is 99 Convention Center Drive

              They are open 0800AM - 1000PM Sunday - Thursday and open Fr/Sat until midnight.

              Here is a link to their dinner menu (maybe the pdf settings are different?):


              Dress code: Business casual seemed to be the standard when we visited. Some guys in jackets though. Either way you won't feel out of place.

              1. re: Philber

                Thanks You Phil...The PDF did open, and the menu looks, good I could eat my way thru the appy menu.
                FYI, I found a link to the hotel that they are housed, and when I try to get to the resto, BLANKY page. I think they have a reservation cookie by browser kicks out.

                But the food looks great, the atomosphere and ambience looks like I could enjoy, so the Barrymore is on the list! YEA!

        3. As someone who recently moved to Las Vegas from Boston, I was very excited for my first dinner at the Barrymore. The restaurant offers some of my favorite dishes (steak tartare, mussles, pork belly) and has a vibe that I find missing at a lot of restaurants in this price range around here. I loved the restaurant, cocktails and decor, but found myself a bit disappointed with the food. Perhaps we didn't order the right items, but the mussles were very small, stringy and fishy and the steak tartare was quite bland. I will definitley try again and order different items, but the group I went with wasn't impressed with the food.

          1. I forgot to post my review of the Barrymore from my trip in Oct. I'm sure alot can change in a few months but in a nutshell the place is fine. Will I return, probably not. Was the food bad? Not by any means. But as a tourist, and I have made this comment many times over, I have a limited amount of time when I come to Vegas and The Barrymore, while good, is not so exciting that it entices me to return. Steak? I can get that anywhere and The Barrymore steak was good. I read a review above describing one of the dishes sublime. Not really sure of our group of five that anything approached sublime. But again, don't get me wrong, everything was fine. Service was incredible friendly, professional it wasn't. I hope it survives because it is a cool little place but it really does not inspire a return trip, IMHO.