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Oct 11, 2011 04:55 PM

Portico Restaurant - River Road, Richmond, Va

Has anyone eaten yet at this recently opened restaurant?

Thank you for your comments.

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  1. Friends of mine went this weekend. Said it was "meh". Nothing special. I'm giving it more time before I go. I had such high expectations for a great place so close by. They said the baked spaghetti was no different from anywhere else, and that they'd stick with Angela's.

    1. Have not.....but with Paolo in the kitchen it should be great. He's the owner/chef at Sensi and the former Franco's in the West End. He is a master (and hell of a nice guy).

        1. re: AMFM

          Where the old Edible Garden was on River Road.

          Edible Garden
          12506 River Rd, Richmond, VA 23238

          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            thanks! i liked that place. hope this is good.

        2. I have eaten there twice and loved it. I ordered soups both times and thought they were fantastic and the eggplant puttanesca had great flavor. I almost ordered the same thing the second time I went, but I tried the pizza instead and it was very good. My husband also enjoyed his dishes.

          1. I want to try it some time when we get a sitter, since it doesn't seem a "bring the kids" kind of place.

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            1. re: PenskeFan

              There were a ton of kids there when we went. It's a definitely neighborhood spot (and crowded).

              1. re: Janet from Richmond

                That's good to know. Seemed so nice, and since I know my kids can sometimes be cranky I usually try not to go to "nice" places in case they have an outburst.
                It is good to be back to eating out more than every other month. :)