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Oct 11, 2011 03:50 PM

Woodberry or B&O?

I'm visiting for a few days from the Bay Area and I was all set to book Woodberry after reading the recent posts, but when I talked to my MIL she told me that they have already tried it. Since I am visiting from out of town they would be happy to go there again, but I would love to find something new for them. She hasn't been to B&O would that be as good?
Or should I look at Salt or something else?

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    1. re: JonParker

      Jon - have you been recently? I was there on Tuesday of last week and wasn't overly impressed. Everything was still good, but not to the level it had been in the past since they hired a new chef.

      That being said my wife and I went to Demi on Saturday and it was outstanding.

      1. re: hotel

        I had lunch at B&O lastw eek and it was up to usual (high) standards.

    2. With all respect to Jon Parker, WK, hands down

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      1. re: tartuffe

        The problem with Woodberry is my MIL said it was "noisy" and my husband and I would like it, which sounded like they wouldn't be thrilled to go there again.

        1. re: Missmoo

          WK is "noisy" as is Salt, although if I were paying, my pick between the two would probably be Salt (their Fall menu is great). That being said, B&O is a less hectic, more formal dining experience. I enjoyed B&O, but would probably rank it third, with Salt 1 and WK 2.

          1. re: gregb

            Id rank Bluegrass #1:,B&O @2 and Woodberry & Salt # 3&4 in that order.

            1. re: JonParker

              Sadly, I haven't made it to Bluegrass yet although it's at the very top of my list. While we're at it, I'll slide everyone down a spot and put Peter's Inn at #1.

              Peter's Inn
              504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231