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Oct 11, 2011 03:15 PM

Please help me ID this salad green!


I've started to grow various lettuces and salad greens. When I buy salad greens at the farmer's market, I keep seeing this one leaf that I can't identify. I'd like to know what it is - can anyone help? I've posted a pic here:


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  1. I've been looking through tons of pictures - is it pepper cress or something from the water cress family?

    1. Looks like you have a squash runner of some type. There's all different varieties of runners, but that long stem on yours is usually common to a lot of them.

      Here's one type -->

      1. +1 on the squash leaf (or similar). Maybe you just got a little garden stray that's not exactly an official salad green?

        1. This looks like a smaller version of some squash type leaf my mother grows in her garden. We eat it as ssam and wrap it around boiled or grilled pork belly. It's delicious and has a slightly furry mouthfeel.

          1. +3 That does look somewhat squash-y. (So not helpful, I know. Sorry. :/)